No White Christmas? Temperature Predicted To Rise For The Weekend

Dec 21, 2016 AM EST Christmas may be a little warmer this year.

Breath Temperature Can Effectively Diagnose Lung Cancer, Study

Sep 10, 2014 AM EDT Italian researchers have discovered a novel indicator of lung cancer.

Earth’s Crust under Antarctica is Moving Faster than Previously Believed, Study

May 13, 2014 AM EDT The upward motion of the Earth's crust in the Northern Antarctic Peninsula was studied by researchers at the Newcastle University who stated that it is moving faster than previously believed.

Climate Change Forcing Tropical Crop Pests to Colder Regions, Study

Sep 03, 2013 AM EDT Rising temperatures around the world are forcing hundreds of crop pests from the tropics towards the North and South poles at a rate of nearly two miles a year, according to a study carried out by ...

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