National College Decision Day:Financial Problems Prevent Students From Choosing The Best Colleges [VIDEO]

May 01, 2017 AM EDT If schools are fishing boats and the students are the fishes, free tuition fees are today's most effective baits.

Will New York's Free College Plan Work Elsewhere [Video]

Apr 17, 2017 PM EDT A lot of students hope that other US states will follow New York’s free college plan. Will they?

SUNY Community College Replaces Cafeteria Workers With Vending Machines [Video]

Apr 17, 2017 AM EDT The change is part of efforts to prevent more financial losses for the cafeteria.

Beneficiaries of A Scholarship Program In NYC Must Not Leave The City After Graduation

Apr 11, 2017 PM EDT New York lawmakers are introducing free tuition fee at public colleges and universities for middle-class students.

Universities Will No Longer Ask Students to Disclose Criminal Records on Admission Forms

Sep 22, 2016 AM EDT A great step in supporting convicted student offenders reform their lives and be a productive member of society

Yawning Helps Cool Brain, Study

May 07, 2014 AM EDT Yawning known to increase oxygen and carbondi-oxide levels in blood is also found to help cool the brain, according to a University of Vienna, Nova Southeastern University and SUNY College at Oneonta ...

SUNY to Develop 10 Online Bachelor's Degree Courses

Jan 22, 2013 AM EST The State University of New York (SUNY) chancellor, Nancy Zimpher, in her third annual speech on Tuesday spoke about her plans to strengthen higher education in the state and to become the largest ...

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