MIT, Now Academic Diversity-Centered: $1 Million STEM Education Program Support Fund Suffices? [VIDEO]

Aug 05, 2016 AM EDT MIT is now expanding its three STEM Education programs for diverse students. The Hopper-Dean Foundation is very much pleased. ...

STEM Education News: Use Of Tech In Classroom Still Uncommon

Jul 29, 2016 AM EDT Teachers are now learning how to use the power of technology to help students.

STEM Education Statistics 2016: More Foreign Women Enrolls For Program

Jul 29, 2016 AM EDT More foreign women are enrolling for STEM education programs.

STEM Funding On Kentucky State University, Accessible Learning Opportunity For All

Jul 21, 2016 PM EDT Kentucky State University known as a school for the black receives STEM fund to strengthen their support for the African American senior high school.

Dartmouth University Becomes The First US-Based University Where First Time Graduating Females Have Outnumbered Males?

Jul 09, 2016 AM EDT Dartmouth College in June announced that it had more women graduates from its engineering course this year in comparison to male graduates. The university claimed this accomplishment has never been ...

University Of Rochester Residence Hall Integrates STEM-Focused Facilities; Construction Starts Summer

Jul 07, 2016 AM EDT The University of Rochester schedules the start this summer for the construction of a 72,000 square foot ...

Top 10 STEM Public High Schools For 2016

Jun 08, 2016 AM EDT More students are choosing to pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) courses. With the boom, high schools have also begun to place greater emphasis on providing a more STEM-based ...

An Attractive Alternative: More Students Choosing Career And Technical Education

Jun 08, 2016 AM EDT More students are choosing career and technical education as a favorite alternative over a regular, four-year college course, panelists who joined the US News STEM Solutions Conference's "21st-Century ...

College, University Education Alternative: Career and Technical Education Could Be an Option

May 25, 2016 AM EDT For those who find a college or university education expensive, career and technical education could be a suitable alternative.

'Growth Mindset' To Improve Students' Future; Character Education Nears Implementation To Alter STEM? [VIDEO]

May 01, 2016 AM EDT A new concept has swept off school teachers and scholars, Character Education is making waves in the academia as the study scores possible debut in higher education.

‘House Hunters,’ Tiny Houses Rock Innovative Ideas For High School Students

Apr 29, 2016 AM EDT The latest trend in education aims to capture students’ interest through real-life learning setting. Applied learning finds a new tool in building houses for practical learning of students pattered ...

Black Women More Interested In STEM Fields than Whites, Study

Sep 25, 2014 AM EDT Black women are more likely to be interested in majoring in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) fields than white women, according to a new study by the American Psychological ...

STEM Graduates Find Work in Other Fields, Study

Jul 11, 2014 AM EDT STEM graduates are more likely to land a job in a non-STEM field, according to an U.S. Census Bureau report released Thursday.

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