"Concept For Android" Released, Sony Readies Android Nougat For Xperia X, Xperia Z, Xperia XZ

Nov 10, 2016 AM EST Japanese giant tech company Sony made a big headline last year when it announced its "Concept for Android" initiative, which allows thousands of Xperia Z3 owners to beta test an experimental build of ...

Which 4K Console Has Better Features: PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One S? [VIDEO]

Nov 08, 2016 AM EST Microsoft and Sony have finally launched both of their best consoles for this year. In order to know which one has the best features, here are the comparisons for both the PlayStation 4 Pro and the ...

'Final Fantasy XV' News: Latest 1080p PS4 Videos, Screenshots Revealed Prior Release; Will It Be Available On PC? [VIDEO]

Nov 07, 2016 PM EST More details reveal the performance of the upcoming "Final Fantasy XV" on the PS4 before it hits its targeted release date.

'Titanfall 2' Looking Good On PS4 Pro; Was EA's Decision To Release It Alongside 'Battlefield 1' A Mistake? [VIDEO]

Nov 07, 2016 PM EST As "Titanfall 2" gets released, more screenshots are unveiled regarding its performance in the PS4 Pro.

'Skyrim Special Edition' News & Update: Released Screenshots On PS4 Looking Great But Is The Game Still Buggy? [VIDEO]

Nov 07, 2016 PM EST With the recent release of "Skyrim: Special Edition," more screenshots have been released showcasing the game on the PS4 Pro.

Sony Sued By Wi-LAN For Patent Infringement In China [Video]

Nov 07, 2016 PM EST The case filed by Wi-LAN, an Ontario-based company last week could prevent Sony from selling LTE-standard handsets not only to the world's largest markets but potentially also prevent it from ...

'Fallout 4' PS4 Mods News, Updates, Release Dates: Restrictions on Game's PS4 Mods Unresolved; Release Date and More Details Revealed

Nov 03, 2016 PM EDT Sony and Bethesda haven't settled on several disparate issues regarding modding on the popular video game, such as internal memory storage and useable assets in the game.

'Driveclub' News & Updates: Evolution Studios New Owner Codemasters Rumored To Take Over ‘Driveclub?’ [VIDEO]

Nov 02, 2016 AM EDT In a release by Codemasters last April, they announced the acquisition of Evolution Studios. They announced that Mick Hocking from Evolution Studios has taken the position of Vice-President for ...

PS4 Pro vs Xbox Scorpio Specs, Features: Which Has A Better 4K Resolution? [VIDEO]

Oct 29, 2016 PM EDT Plans for advancing gaming consoles may be happening within the next 18 months. This is because of the ongoing competition between two tech giant companies, as they are taking turns in revealing their ...

Sony Xperia XA Ultra, C5 Ultra Receives New Updates; Sony Xperia X Compact Review [VIDEO]

Oct 28, 2016 AM EDT Sony has started rolling out bevies of new updates, packed with security patches and other changes to its Xperia XA Ultra and Xperia C5 Ultra brand of smartphones.

Sony Xperia Latest Update Causes Heavy Battery Drain? [VIDEO]

Oct 21, 2016 AM EDT Sony Xperia's latest update, which has the build number 1.1.A.0.1, has not indicated what kind of changes it does contain. There are also no noticeable improvements that came along with the update, ...

Sony Xperia XZ: Sony’s New Crown Jewel and New Flagship Smartphone With Advanced Camera Quality and Improved Display [Video]

Oct 16, 2016 PM EDT Sony's new crown jewel, the Sony Xperia XZ boasts of its advanced camera feature in its flagship smartphone with advanced features to boot.

New Sony RX100 V: Specs, Price and More

Oct 09, 2016 AM EDT Sony just recently released the newest version of its RX 100 that the company brags its the best camera of its kind.

HBO And Cinemax Comes to Sony’s PlayStation Vue [VIDEO]

Oct 01, 2016 AM EDT For quite a while now, Sling TV made major advantage over Sony's PlayStation Vue by being the sole streaming service to offer HBO is well as Cinemax. Earlier this month, Sony had announced a promise ...

Former CEO Jack Tretton Shared Why The PS3 Was Very Expensive At Launch

Sep 29, 2016 AM EDT Former PlayStation Executive Jack Tretton opened up recently about the PlayStation 3 launch, specifically about the $500/$600 price. ...

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