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Stanford Studies 'Mobility Rate' Of American Colleges

Jan 19, 2017 AM EST Stanford University has led a research on the upward mobility rate of colleges in the U.S.

Rare Find: Ruby Seadragon First Caught On Video By UC San Diego Researchers

Jan 18, 2017 AM EST UC San Diego researchers have finally caught a ruby seadragon on video for the first time.

Top U.K. Researchers Urge Theresa May To Press Trump To Support Climate Change Research

Jan 17, 2017 AM EST Theresa May will be meeting with Donald Trump.

Calvin College Astronomers Predict A Star Will Explode In 2022

Jan 17, 2017 AM EST Two Calvin College astronomers want to find out why stars explode and under what conditions.

UCLA Researchers Determine Moon's Exact Age

Jan 13, 2017 AM EST The moon is actually older than commonly thought.

UCSF Receives $500 Million For Faculty And Research Improvement

Jan 13, 2017 AM EST The donation was made by the Helen Diller Foundation.

Brigham Young University Researcher Says Taking Selfies Isn't Narcissistic

Jan 13, 2017 AM EST There are three types of people who take selfies, according to a research study.

Stanford University Researchers Create Cheap Blood Centrifuge

Jan 12, 2017 AM EST Researchers from Stanford University were able to make a low-cost, human-powered centrifuge.

Irish University To Get Research Funding From EU

Jan 06, 2017 AM EST Ulster University gets about £20 million for research funding.

University Of Windsor Professor Unveils How Yoga Aids Breast Cancer Survivors

Dec 30, 2016 AM EST Professor Cheri McGowan is researching on the benefits of yoga when it comes to breast cancer survivors.

Stanford University Researchers Create Tiny, Self-Assembling Wires

Dec 29, 2016 AM EST Stanford University researchers and the U.S. Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory were recently able to create tiny wires that are able to assemble by themselves.

Innovation: Best Inventions Of 2016 - Part 3

Dec 29, 2016 AM EST There have been a lot of nifty inventions created this year.

Live Longer: Science Says Happiness Extends Life

Dec 23, 2016 AM EST New research suggests that people who are happy with life do not only live a better quality life, but also a longer one.

Indiana University Researchers Develop New Fake News Awareness Tool

Dec 23, 2016 AM EST Researchers at Indiana University were able to develop a new tool that will make people aware of how fake news spreads.

Latest CERN Research Sheds New Light On Antimatter Physics

Dec 22, 2016 AM EST A new research by CERN scientists has revealed a new way to probe antimatter.

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