Facebook Users in Romantic Relationships Use Social Media to Spy on Partners, Study

Sep 13, 2014 AM EDT A team of researchers found that people involved with someone romantically are more likely to use Facebook to monitor their partner and to brag about their relationship.

Family Problems Cause Conflicts with Colleagues And Partners, Study

Jul 07, 2014 AM EDT Workers, who spend considerable amount of time worrying about family problems at work, are more likely have conflicts with colleagues and spouses, according to a new study by the University of East ...

Individuals Tend to Choose Partner with Similar DNA, Study

May 20, 2014 AM EDT Apart from considering education and income levels, individuals tend to choose partner with similar DNA, according to a University of Colorado-Boulder study.

Ambivalent Support Increases Premature Death in Couples, Study

Feb 08, 2014 AM EST Couples, who tend to receive little support from their partners, are more likely to develop heart disease, according to a University of Utah study.

Iowa Researchers Come Up With a New Formula to Improve Online Dating Success

Dec 07, 2013 AM EST Researchers have created an algorithm for use in online dating sites that recommends potential dating partners based on their past interests and online mating success rates rather than their personal ...

Bosses Prefer Employees Wearing Makeup to Work, Study

Oct 21, 2013 AM EDT Even in times of financial depression, cosmetic industry continues to boom. The reason being millions of women throng stores to buy the best cosmetic products to lure their partners, boyfriends or ...

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