Bosses Prefer Employees who Wear Makeup to Work, Study


Even in times of financial crises the cosmetic industry continues to boom. Driving this multi-billion-dollar industry are millions of women who throng to buy the best cosmetic products.

Reiterating the importance of women's beauty is a study done by an authorized U.K retailer of various beauty products, Escentual, which found that 68 percent of bosses wouldn't like to recruit a woman not wearing makeup. Around 49 percent of them said that women should look attractive and pleasant when applying for public sector jobs such as in the hospital and hotel industries.

Apart from helping candidates in job recruitments, the company also found that makeup also determines an employee's growth in a company. Almost 61 percent said that it positively and negatively affects a woman's promotion prospects.

"Whether rightly or wrongly, British bosses clearly think that keeping up appearances at work is an important factor for female staff if they want to get on in their career," Emma Leslie, beauty editor at, told Telegraph.

Other findings of the study are: about 60.8 percent of the company executives said that they know when their employees are with or without makeup and 67 percent said they did not look kindly at employees coming to meetings sans makup.

Two thirds of women felt less confident attending high-level executive meetings without any cosmetics; 64 percent female staff surveyed wore make-up to work every day and almost 98% said that they would wear make-up to a job interview.

"It's quite startling to learn that women feel that they need make-up in order to impress at work, and our survey showed there is a strong psychological element to wearing make-up that makes women feel more poised, confident and 'put together," Leslie said.

"We would like to point out that great skincare, healthy diet and positive attitude are also fantastic for boosting confidence, and that should also be an attractive thing for employers."

In another study in September, Italian researchers from the University of Messina  found that attractive job applicants are more likely to proceed to the second round of job interviews. Good-looking ladies had 54 percent success rate when compared to the seven percent success rate for unattractive women.

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