Lucy Liu: Shares Some of Her Secrets For Staying Young [VIDEO]

Oct 15, 2016 AM EDT Elementary star Lucy Liu on staying healthy and sharing some of her secrets for staying beautiful and looking young.

Study Finds Nutritional and Food Safety Benefits of Organic Farming

Jul 12, 2014 AM EDT Organic foods and crops offer more health benefits than their traditional counterparts, according to a Washington State University study.

USC researchers Create Cheap Organic Batteries from Eco-Friendly Components

Jun 30, 2014 AM EDT University of Southern California researchers have developed a new battery that is cheap as well as organic.

Stocks of Organic Carbon in Deep Soils Can Affect Climate Change, Study

May 27, 2014 AM EDT As a result of human activities, carbon that had been sealed away for thousands of years in arid and semi-arid environments is more likely to be reintroduced to the environment that can further ...

Vermont Researchers Discover Tundra Landscape beneath Greenland Ice Sheet

Apr 19, 2014 AM EDT University of Vermont researchers discover 3 million-year-old ancient tundra landscape below Greenland Ice Sheet.

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