Lucy Liu: Shares Some of Her Secrets For Staying Young [VIDEO]


Lucy Liu shares some of her secrets for staying young and slowing down the aging process.

It has always been a sort of amazement (sometimes envy) that many Asian women seem to age slower than other races. Take 47-year old Lucy Liu for instance. Had we not know her true age, one can surmise she looks 10 to 15 years younger than her actual age.

Is it pure luck in the gene department or is there a secret to it? Truth be told, some are truly gifted than others. Liu shares some of her secrets that seems to make time stop for her.

According to E! News, her typical day starts at 6 am. She takes her dog for a walk and then workout. She says her typical day is 14 hours leaving her dead tired by the time she gets back home. Liu does SoulCycle (cardio-intensive, group cycling class). Aside from exercising, she says she eats only organic. Not doing so she says makes her feel tired.

Liu says drinks a lot of water and confesses she never had coffee saying caffeine can be bad for the skin. Talking more about skin, she likes to keep hers clean and she doesn't sit in the sun and she also credits using coconut oil on her face.

Most women won't go out without make-up, she is no exception. In her arsenal, she carries a concealer, mascara, and a cream blush. She shares with CNN, her hair is so dark but she never dyes it but does bleach it to add color. She's not a fan of facials either since she believes it damages the skin. Is it any surprise she's not a believer in plastic surgery?

Towards the end of the interview, she says her biggest indulgence is splurging on acupuncture. Stating that it is part of her culture, she's a firm believer of it saying it really works. She says acupuncture helps one lose weight and keep the skin stay young.

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