AI-Based Method Could Speed Development Of Specialized Nanoparticles

Jun 04, 2018 AM EDT While a lot of experts are afraid of what AI might bring, undeniably, AI can also help things better. Here's how a new MIT study sees the role of AI in improving the design of various things.

Nanotechnology: Consumers Might Not Be Aware They Are Drinking Nano-Engineered Water [VIDEO]

Jun 13, 2017 AM EDT Nano-engineered water molecules can be absorbed by the body and the cells more easily than regular molecules

Nanotechnology: Scientists Created A Sunscreen That Produces Melanin [VIDEO]

May 24, 2017 AM EDT UC San Diego researchers have developed a sunscreen that produces melanin and protects the sun from ultraviolet radiation

Tumor-Shrinking Nanoparticle May Be The Cure For Cancer, Mayo Clinic Researchers Find [VIDEO]

May 03, 2017 AM EDT This new method shrinks cancer tumors and prevents recurrence.

First-Ever Nanoparticle Vaccine Fights Different Types Of Cancer [VIDEO]

Apr 26, 2017 AM EDT Cancer has a small but formidable foe - nanoparticle vaccine - which aims to strengthen the immune system against cancer

Scientists Say Smart Bandages Will Enter Clinical Trials Soon [Video]

Apr 20, 2017 AM EDT Unraveling bandages to check on wounds may be a thing of the past with smart bandages, as it goes through clinical trials next year.

Nanotechnology: Drug Delivery To The Brain Through Nasal Sprays [VIDEO]

Apr 18, 2017 PM EDT A new drug delivery system using nasal sprays could lead to the treatment of brain-related diseases in the future

MIT Researchers Venture Into Chips That Assemble Themselves

Mar 28, 2017 AM EDT Chips that assemble themselves can lead the way to shrinking chip manufacture even further down to 7nm.

Here's How Nanorobots Can Make You Healthier

Mar 09, 2017 AM EST Nanorobots can be used to deliver drugs in targeted parts of the body faster and better

Superhero Visions, Macroscopes, And Other Tech Advancements In 5 Years

Feb 28, 2017 AM EST Technological advancements will help us do the impossible including superhero visions and mental illness detection through speech detection

MIT Scientists Defies Nature With The Help of Nanotechnology

Feb 20, 2017 AM EST MIT scientists were able to freeze water at the boiling point using carbon nanotubes

Rice University Uses Nanotubes To Probe Deeper Into The Brain

Jan 24, 2017 AM EST Scientists from Rice University has successfully implanted carbon nanotubes to mice's brain. This could lead to a better and more efficient treatment of brain diseases.

DNA Data Storage Could Be The Future In Nanotechnology

Jan 03, 2017 AM EST A team of scientists from Russia and Israel is conducting experiments on metallizing DNA molecules

Nanobots: The Future Belongs To The Small

Dec 26, 2016 AM EST Nanobots can be used to kill cancer cells and prevent aging by targeting specific cells while preserving others

How Minimal Positive Design Can Pave The Way For Nanoscale Technologies [VIDEO]

Dec 12, 2016 PM EST Positive minimal design has an essential role in nanotechnology, especially in creating more complex self-arranged tilings

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