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Superhero Visions, Macroscopes, And Other Tech Advancements In 5 Years


Tech giant IBM released their 2017 Top 5 list of innovations and technological advancements that will take place in five years with the help of artificial intelligence. These includes macroscopes, superhero visions, and smart sensors.

Superhero Vision Through Hyperimaging

According to IBM, hyperimaging technology will become more sophisticated allowing us to see beyond what is visible through the combination of various bands of electromagnetic spectrum. This technology is already seen in the imaging technologies used by doctors and security personnels at airports. In the future, it will be much more advanced allowing us to see even infrared and microwave images.

Macroscopes To Understand The World Better

At present, we have the microscope and the telescope which allows us to see small objects and far objects respectively. Macroscopes function opposite like the microscope as it allows you to see things on a bird's eye view just like the one used by Google. As the technology advances, these devices will be used to collect and organize data from billions of devices to better understand our world.

Smart Sensor For Pollution Detection

With the help of artificial analysis, smart hardware will be used to better detect pollution with lightning fast speed. Moreover, it will be used to detect hazardous pollution without the use of humans which lessens the risk of casualties. Drones armed with these smart sensors can save many lives, especially in areas where human intervention cannot extend help.

Mental Health Analysis Using Phone Apps

Artificial intelligence will make it easier to detect mental illnesses through voice recognition. As words can convey a wealth of emotions, it can also reveal a deeper problem, such as a mental disorder. A group of researchers from the University of Southern California has developed a program that uses speech patterns to detect early stages of depression. Cognitive computers will be used by medical professionals together with imaging systems to get a more holistic picture of a person's health.

Nanotechnology For More Accurate Diagnosis

Nanotechnology is already used in different industries today. However, IBM is predicting that five years from now, nano-sized chips will be used to detect diseased even before they have visible physical manifestation. These small silicon chips will contain all the information needed about the disease.

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