US Universities to Challenge America's Academic Freedom Restriction in Response to National Security Issue

May 23, 2016 AM EDT US universities are against the new restriction proposed by US government that will limit foreign students in doing research

Disney Research Creates RFID Tags High-Tech, Wireless & Sensory Game Controllers [WATCH]

May 14, 2016 AM EDT Disney Research team continues to amaze its audience and deliver an awe-grabbing experience. But this time, it makes used of off-the-shelf RFID tags. Collaborating with researchers from Carnegie ...

Top Student Hackers: Compete For Intercollegiate Cyber Security Challenge [WATCH]

Apr 29, 2016 AM EDT The Inter-ACE Cyberchallenge is a university hackers competition with a sports twist.

MIT Researchers Design Light, Flexible Space Suits for Smooth Planetary Explorations

Sep 23, 2014 AM EDT In an attempt to help astronauts in getting rid of those bulky gas-pressurised space suits, researchers at Massachusetts Institute of researchers have designed a lightweight garment.

MIT Grabs Top Spot in QS World University Rankings

Sep 17, 2014 AM EDT Massachusetts Institute of Technology has topped the list of QS world university rankings.

Martian Clouds Require Higher Humid Conditions than Clouds on Earth, Study

Oct 08, 2013 AM EDT In attempt to determine the conditions that give rise to clouds in the Red Planet’s atmosphere, researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) established Mars-like conditions within a ...

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