CalTech Study Finds How Testosterone Affects Men's Objective Judgment [VIDEO]

May 01, 2017 AM EDT Higher testosterone levels make men more impulsive.

Brown University Study Suggests that Mindfulness Only Works for Women [Video]

Apr 25, 2017 AM EDT A study conducted by Brown University suggests that mindfulness is more effective for women than men.

Mom Commits Suicide Due To Postpartum Depression; Men Can Also Suffer From Depression.

Sep 01, 2016 AM EDT Recently, a mom in California ended her life due to postpartum depression. There are also studies that show men can also suffer from the same disorder.

Women and Men Prescribed Different Treatments for High Blood Pressure, Study

Oct 15, 2014 AM EDT Women and men receive different treatments for high blood pressure, according to a new study by the Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg.

Healthy Lifestyle Averts Most Coronary Events in Men, Study

Sep 23, 2014 AM EDT Healthy lifestyle can prevent most coronary events in men, according to a new study by Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm.

Blood Donations from Gay Men Could Save More Lives, Study

Sep 20, 2014 AM EDT Blood donations from gay men could result in more than 600,000 extra pints of blood every year, according to the study by the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Law at the ...

Tomatoes Effective in Lowering Prostate Cancer Risk in Men, Study

Aug 28, 2014 AM EDT Men who consume over 10 portions of tomatoes per week have an 18 per cent lower risk of developing prostate cancer, according to a University of Bristol study.

Women Experience Worse Health Outcomes than Men After a Heart Attack, Study

Aug 25, 2014 AM EDT Young women heart attack survivors are associated with worse health outcomes than men, according to a study by Yale School of Medicine.

Daughters Provide as Much Elderly Parent Care as They Can: Study

Aug 20, 2014 AM EDT Daughters spend twice as much time providing care to elderly parents than sons do, according to a Princeton University study.

Women tend to be More Talkative Only in Certain Situations, Study

Aug 09, 2014 AM EDT A Northeastern University study found that the common stereotype suggesting women talk and gossip more than men is only applicable in certain situations.

Bradley Names Willy Wood as Cross Country/Track and Field Coach

Aug 01, 2014 AM EDT Willy Wood has been named the head coach for Bradley's men's and women's running programs, effective August.

Luke Agnini Named Head Men's Rowing Coach at Georgetown

Jul 25, 2014 AM EDT Luke Agnini has been named the new Head Men's Rowing Coach at the Georgetown University. Agnini will replace Tony Johnson, who stepped down after 28 years at the helm of the program.

Prostate Cancer More Common and Aggressive in Young Men, Study

Jul 16, 2014 AM EDT Prostate cancer has been found to be more frequent and aggressive in young men, according to a new study by the University of Michigan.

Penn State Hires Chris Cagle as New Head Coach of Women’s Tennis Team

Jul 12, 2014 AM EDT The Penn State athletic department named Chris Cagle as the new head coach of the women's tennis team.

Men Born During Winters More Likely To Be Left-Handed, Study

Jul 05, 2014 AM EDT Men born during winter months (November, December and January) are more likely to be left-handed than those born during rest of the year, according to a University of Vienna study.

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