T-Cells Have Long Memories, Studies Suggest; Activation Could Lead To New Vaccines [VIDEO]

Jun 05, 2017 AM EDT There is a new study that suggests that the nose has the longest memory in terms of fighting against viruses. Understanding the T-Cells might be answer to create better vaccines in the future.

Breath Temperature Can Effectively Diagnose Lung Cancer, Study

Sep 10, 2014 AM EDT Italian researchers have discovered a novel indicator of lung cancer.

Manchester Researchers Develop Effective Procedure to Diagnose Lung Cancer in Older Patients

Aug 05, 2014 AM EDT The University of Manchester researchers have found a safe and effective procedure to diagnose lung cancer in older patients.

Exeter Researcher Develops Device to Detect Fatal Lung Disease

Jul 29, 2014 AM EDT Professor Chris Thornton, a University of Exeter researcher, has developed an inexpensive and accurate device for diagnosing a deadly lung disease that frequently attacks immune deficient individuals ...

Physical Inactivity Increases Risk of developing Colon and Lung Cancer, Study

Jun 17, 2014 AM EDT Sedentary behaviour increases the risk of developing certain types of cancer, according to a new study by the University of Regensburg in Germany.

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