Leicester Universities Rejoice On Football Success; Success Of The Football Team Admired In Other Parts Of The World

May 13, 2016 AM EDT Leicester universities the city where they are located that succeeded in football could likewise bring the universities success. Success means increasing the visibility of global profile and being ...

Mystery behind the Cause of Death of King Richard III Solved

Sep 17, 2014 AM EDT The death of King Richard III was caused by a severe blow to the skull, according to a University of Leicester study.

Exposure to War-Torn Regions Damages Psychological Wellbeing of Adolescents, Study

Aug 08, 2014 AM EDT Exposure to war-inflicted regions causes lasting and damaging effect on the psychological wellbeing of adolescents, according to a new study by the University of Leicester.

Mediterranean Countries Make Migrants Unhappy, Study

May 05, 2014 AM EDT Mediterranean countries have been found to make immigrants unhappy, according to University of Leicester study.

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