Leicester Universities Rejoice On Football Success; Success Of The Football Team Admired In Other Parts Of The World, And This Includes China


Leicester universities the city where they are located that succeeded in football could likewise bring the universities success. Success means increasing the visibility of global profile and being able to be an attraction to students from overseas, as reported in

The premier league has gathered a few rivals when it comes to a global following. These matches were made live to fans of three billion audiences. Leicester's universities, the University of Leicester and De Montfort University connect with the premier league's global fan base.

The way in which Leicester triumphed in the league against all odds. This is even more so the reason why it is highly likely that global fans would be fully aware of the triumph of Leicester if it happens.

Paul Boyle, Leicester university president and vice chancellor is proud to be victorious as he said:

"It doesn't matter where in the world I go, whenever people see my name badge you can guarantee they will be desperately keen to speak about the team."

Because the premier league is very popular in China, it has been easy for the premier league to adjust itself in the country. Leicester's assistant director for fundraising and alumni relations, Christopher Shaw, explained further the close affinity observed between the premier league and China:

Premier league in China has become so popular that many do not have to ask what it was. Because of this, the premier league seems to be just home in an Asian country. 

The premier league, though, is observed to be going on a long way to match the sports dominant in their US counterpart. As reported in, Professor Boyle is well aware of this situation. This is because Boyle has attended school in Colorado for a year. Boyle has experienced extensively the culture in US sports, hence, he confidently stands by his word.

Meanwhile, reported that Dr. Cheryl Hurkett from the University of Leicester's Centre for Interdisciplinary Science said connections are important in adapting to the culture of sports in another country.

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