SpaceX Launches Falcon 9 Rocket for the First Time After September’s Launchpad Explosion

Jan 19, 2017 AM EST SpaceX finally celebrated the first launch of its Falcon 9 rocket on Saturday, Jan.1 after four months.

SpaceX Launch Postponed Once More Due To Bad Weather

Jan 09, 2017 AM EST SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket will launch again on Saturday.

FAA Gives SpaceX Approval; Relaunch Postponed To Monday

Jan 07, 2017 AM EST SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket set for relaunch on Monday.

SpaceX And Iridium Confirm Relaunch Next Week

Dec 05, 2016 AM EST Iridium has announced last week that the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket may have another flight on Dec. 16.

SpaceX To Launch Another Rocket In Early November Or December

Oct 28, 2016 PM EDT SpaceX is said to have at least two more flights before this year ends.

‘Pokemon Go’ Update: New Pokemons Will Be Released After The Global Launch Ends

Sep 15, 2016 AM EDT While many "Pokemon Go" players have been waiting to see new creatures in the field, they would have to wait since Niantic wopuld prioritize the global release of the game. The CEO of Niantic Labs ...

Peshawar University Cancels ‘I am Malala’ Book Launch Amid Security Fears

Jan 29, 2014 AM EST Peshawar University has decided to call off an event that aimed to promote the memoir, 'I am Malala' by Malala Yousufzai, the 16-year-old advocate of women's education, amid security fears and ...

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