James Webb Space Telescope

What NASA's James Webb Telescope Is Hopeful To Discover In 2018

Mar 06, 2017 AM EST The James Webb Space Telescope will be launched in 2018 and many are e cited what else can they find using the high-powered device

James Webb Space Telescope: Full-Scale Model At Super Bowl LI; Who Gets First Telescope Time [Video]

Feb 06, 2017 AM EST Northrop Grumman, leading the industry team building NASA's James Webb Space Telescope, showed off a full-scale model of the James Webb Space telescope during the Super Bowl live festival in Houston.

NASA: James Webb Space Telescope Coming in Two Years; NASA Invites Artists To Be Inspired [Video]

Dec 30, 2016 AM EST For almost two decades, thousands of people finally accomplished the construction of the James Webb Telescope element, the largest space telescope ever created that will be finished in two years.

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