Samsung Notebook 9 Get Intel's Kaby Lake Processor Upgrade Ahead Of Competition For CES 2017 [Video]

Dec 20, 2016 AM EST On the advent of the latest Apple upgrade to their MacBook and MacBook Pro, Samsung was close to Apple's heels and refreshed their own 13.3-inch and 15-inch Notebook 9 laptops with the latest Intel ...

Intel, Nvidia, Qualcomm Compete for Artificial Intelligence Hardware [Video]

Dec 09, 2016 PM EST Computers and computing technology have evolved from mere adding machines to systems capable of thinking on its own. In recent years, the world witnessed computers that can translate written language, ...

Coffee Lake Release & Update: Leaked Intel’s Processor Roadmap Reveals 8th-gen Coffee Lake Details; Highlights 6 Core Processors, 14nm Node

Nov 24, 2016 AM EST Intel Corporation is still in production with its seventh-generation Kaby Lake processors; however, rumors on its 8th generation processor named as Coffee Lake have been detailed as its successor ...

Intel Creates Ariel As Digital Avatar With The Royal Shakespeare Company

Nov 18, 2016 AM EST In collaboration with The Imaginarium Studios, Ariel is created as a digital avatar for the first time ever.

Intel: Spending $250 Million to Develop Autonomous Tech for Self-Driving Vehicles [Video]

Nov 17, 2016 AM EST Intel is investing over $250 million in developing autonomous vehicle technologies within the next two years.

Lenovo Desktop H50 Intel, AMD PC Build Comparisons: Which Is Better? [VIDEO]

Nov 15, 2016 PM EST Intel and AMD have always tried to outdo each other for many years now by releasing new chipsets, processors, graphic card units, and ultimately the PC builds. Here are two Lenovo Desktop PC H50 ...

Windows 10 Newest 2-in1: Crowd-Designed Eve V 2-In-1 Machine Backed By Intel Flaunts Spec [Video]

Nov 05, 2016 PM EDT Detailed specs of the crowd-designed Eve V have been released for the forthcoming Windows 10 2-in-1 machine. After scoring a backing from Intel last month, the team behind the Eve V will kick off a ...

Intel Acquires Voke, Gets Into VR Sports Tech and Live Events

Nov 05, 2016 AM EDT The virtual reality (VR) market is growing fast, be it consumer or enterprise-based, with no signs of slowing down and one area is sports and live events that is why Intel is getting into the VR ...

Intel’s New Lightning Fast Optane Storage Technology Too Slow For MacBook Pro's Release [Video]

Nov 02, 2016 PM EDT Intel in partnership with Micron developed Optane a new Solid State Drive (SSD) technology powered by 3D XPoint technology. It is said to be up to 1,000 times faster than NAND used in today's SSDs.

Intel DC P3100 SSD Series: Intel's PCIe-Based M.2 Form Factor SSD for Data Centers [Video]

Oct 31, 2016 AM EDT Intel rolled out its latest data center SSD series, the Intel DC P3100 SSD Series is geared toward the low end of the market. The hardware is Intel's first 3D NAND TLC-Based M.2 form factor SSD that ...

Apple Macbook Pro 2016 More Than Twice As Fast As Predecessor

Oct 29, 2016 PM EDT The Apple Macbook Pro 2016 is equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor.

‘WiGig’ Finally Certified - Superfast Wi-Fi Coming To Devices Next Year [VIDEO]

Oct 27, 2016 AM EDT WiGig has been finally certified by The Wi-Fi Alliance after several years of engagement with the Wireless Gigabit Alliance. WiGig is a high-speed, 60GHz standard also known as 802.11 ad.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Features Are Very Impressive! [VIDEO]

Oct 22, 2016 PM EDT Hybrid devices are currently on trend, probably because it offers more interesting features. Tech Giant Microsoft has started developing their own version of their device in 2015, through the ...

Kaby Lake i7 7700K Benchmarks Leaked; Gets Improved Single, Multi-threaded Performance [VIDEO]

Oct 14, 2016 AM EDT Intel's next generation Core Kaby Lake CPU has been one of the most anticipated releases in the tech world. Now, with a spotted Geekbench 4.0.0 benchmark citing its powerful improvements, the latest ...

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