AMD:Ryzen: Reality Vs. Expectations and the Story of a MASSIVE Failure

By , UniversityHerald Reporter

There's a reliable testing that can tell the real story behind AMD: Ryzen and why it's purported best performance is all just hype. The truth is, it's a massive failure and the reason behind, according to multiple reports, is it finally delivered what it promised, which was made way back in 2015.

Multiple tests conducted by several reviews reveal that AMD: Ryzen is powerful, but not enough to overpower Intel Core i7-6950X and i7-6900K, PC Gamer reported. The promise that AMD Ryzen made in 2015 was finally delivered. However, that was2015 and times move very fast for AMD Ryzen to catch up with its biggest competition - the Intel Core i7-7700 Kaby Lake.

AMD Ryzen wasn't even able to beat Kaby Lake and mislead the people by its marketing. The truth is, AMD Ryzen's marketing focused too much on Broadwell-E, Seeking Alpha reported. Well it exceeded the performance of Broadwell-E, but it should've been able to do it a long time ago.

Another review made by Tom's Hardware concludes that Intel Core i7-7700 is way better in gaming than AMD Ryzen. It even said that it's really hard to recommend Ryzen 7 1800X over Core i7-7700, which is cheaper and delivers impressive performance.

AMD however offered some excuses by saying the games weren't optimized for the Ryzen. It also said that if players wanted to improve the gaming performance with AMD Ryzen, the SMT or Symmetric Multi-Threading must be disabled.

However, there's another problem that AMD failed to address and that's its inaccurate 95 W TDP rating. Under high workloads, 1800X zoomed past the rating. Ryzen also fell short in power efficiency and Web browsing and Microsoft Office tasks.

But AMD Ryzen has its fair share of success too. It shines in highly threaded applications such as performing specialized computation. This makes the Ryzen ideal for professional functions more than anything.

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