Study Shows Dogs Use Deception To Get Treats

Mar 30, 2017 AM EDT Dogs know how to deceive to get treats fro their owners, a new study says.

Mystery behind Origin of Elephant’s Ancestor Solved

Jul 15, 2014 AM EDT Gomphotheres, ancient ancestors of the elephant, lived longer than previously believed, according to a University of Arkansas study.

Rats Use Whiskers Like Humans Use Hands and Fingers (VIDEO)

Jul 09, 2014 AM EDT The way rats use their whiskers is more similar to the way humans use their hands and fingers than previously thought, according to a University of Sheffield study.

Fish Feel Pain Similar To Humans, Study

Jun 20, 2014 AM EDT Fish feel the pain of others in a manner similar to humans, according to a new study by the Macquarie University in Australia.

People find it Difficult to Detect Flirtatious Behavior, Study

Jun 18, 2014 AM EDT It is hard for people to detect flirtatious behaviour, according to a new study by the University of Kansas.

Rats Also Regret like Humans: Study

Jun 09, 2014 AM EDT Feelings of regret - thought to be exclusive to humans - have also been discovered in rats, according to a study by the Department of Neuroscience at the University of Minnesota.

Humans Are To Blame for Mass Extinction of Large Mammals during Last Ice Age, Study

Jun 05, 2014 AM EDT Humans and not climate change are to blame for the mass extinction of large mammals (also known as megafauna) at the time of last Ice Age, according to an Aarhus University study.

Chimps Display Personality Traits Similar to Humans, Study

May 12, 2014 AM EDT The personality traits observed in Chimpanzees are identical and structured similar to humans, according to a Georgia State University study.

Researchers Find Evolutionary Purpose behind Pain in Humans

May 09, 2014 AM EDT University of Texas researchers have found the evolutionary aspect behind the intention of pain in humans by testing squids.

Primitive Fish Reveals How Humans Developed Faces, Study

Feb 14, 2014 AM EST A team of French and Swedish researchers solved the mystery behind the formation of face in vertebrates including humans. The researchers studied the evolution of an ancient fish, Romundina to explain ...

Dogs Possess Ability to Recognize Familiar Faces, Study

Dec 21, 2013 AM EST A specialized trait previously thought to exist only in humans and primates has been found in dogs too. Researchers from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Helsinki, Finland said ...

Chimps Learn How to Crack and Peel Fruit by Watching Their Companions, Study

Dec 18, 2013 AM EST Chimpanzee have been long-considered to be human's closest relative. The fact has been further strengthened by a new University of Portsmouth study. Researchers have found that chimps learn their ...

Chimpanzees Interact and Play With Robots, UK Study

Oct 15, 2013 AM EDT Chimpanzees have once again reaffirmed the fact that they are the closest relatives to humans.

Dogs Experience Similar Emotions as Humans, Study

Oct 07, 2013 AM EDT A professor of neuroeconomics at Emory University, Atlanta has solved the puzzle behind why dogs are considered to be man's best friend, successfully decoding their ability to understand human ...

Eating Certain Fat Might Help Humans Shed Weight, Texas Study

Oct 05, 2013 AM EDT Contradicting all the previous proved results that fat causes people to gain weight and become obese, a new study conducted by Texas Tech University nutrition scientists found that a diet containing ...

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