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Oprah Winfrey To Deliver Smith College Commencement Address

Feb 24, 2017 PM EST Oprah Winfrey is set to speak at two colleges in this year’s graduation ceremonies.

Alexander Skarsgard Is Tarzan And An Honorary Doctorate From Leeds

Aug 25, 2016 PM EDT In 2011, Alexander Skarsgard was given an honorary doctorate for his work in the arts.

Modern Family’s Grand Dad Ed O’Neill Has An Honorary Doctorate From Youngstown

Aug 25, 2016 PM EDT Ed O’Neill is a Doctor of Fine Arts.

Denzel Washington Movies, And Much More: Actor Honored With Doctorate Degree

Aug 23, 2016 AM EDT Actor Denzel Washington was honored for his work in theater and film.

Muhammad Ali Is A Champ And A Doctor: Heavyweight Has Princeton Doctorate

Aug 23, 2016 AM EDT Muhammad Ali was recently honored by Princeton for his humanitarian programs.

Yoko Ono Singing Isn’t The Only Big Thing About Her: Artist Has An Honorary Degree

Aug 23, 2016 AM EDT John Lennon’s partner, Yoko Ono, received three honorary doctorates.

Jon Bon Jovi 2016: Artist Receives Honorary Doctorate Degree From Rutgers

Aug 23, 2016 AM EDT Famous frontman Jon Bon Jovi has two honorary degrees in total.

Magic Johnson Stats Shows He’s A Doctor! Athlete Awarded With Doctorate

Aug 23, 2016 AM EDT Magic Johnson is the proud recipient of an honorary doctorate in business.

Alec Baldwin: Movies Got The Actor His Own Honorary Doctorate From Alma Mater

Aug 23, 2016 AM EDT Alec Baldwin gets honored by school for his cinematic talents.

Robert De Niro Movies Earned Him An Honorary Doctorate Degree

Aug 22, 2016 AM EDT Actor Robert De Niro is so successful that his old college awarded him a doctorate.

LL Cool J’s Net Worth Is Cooler With A Doctorate Degree

Aug 22, 2016 AM EDT He does not only rap, but LL Cool J has a doctorate degree like Kanye West.

Malaysian University Faces Criticism over Its Conferment of Honorary Doctorate in Economics on North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un

Oct 24, 2013 AM EDT HELP University, a privately run Malaysian university is facing heavy public criticism for conferring an honorary doctorate in economics on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

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