Muhammad Ali Is A Champ And A Doctor: Heavyweight Has Princeton Doctorate

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The greatest heavyweight fighter and champion of all time is Muhammad Ali. And while he is known as the greatest boxer in history, not many know that he is also a doctor. He isn't the kind that is medically inclined. Business Insider has it that the all-time fighter has received two honorary Doctorates of Humanities from both Princeton University and Muhlenberg College.

Inside and outside of the ring, he continues to fight. His humanitarian efforts include his good will mission towards Afghanistan and North Korea. He has been recognized with a lifetime achievement award as well from Amnesty International.

Born in 1942 and passed away in June 3, 2016, he was America's Olympic and Professional Boxer and activist. He was considered to be the world's most significant and celebrated sports figure of the 20th century.

Inside and outside the ring, he was an inspiring figure.

Many may know him as Muhammad Ali but his real name is Cassius Clay. He craved for the spotlight. And as a fighter, he wanted the attention. He was known for trash talking and then it translated into political poetry for his activism. He involved rap and hip hop in his rants.

He devoted most of his time towards activism. He was also a known philanthropist. When he retired, he announced he had Parkinson's disease. In the following years he supported the Special Olympics and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

He may not have earned the higher education that most sought because of the challenges he faced. But in 1996, the world saw him light the Olympic cauldron in Atlanta. He traveled to multiple countries to help those in need. In 1998, the United Nations chose him to be the Messenger of peace because of his work.

"I am an ordinary man who worked hard to develop the talent I was given," he said. "Many fans wanted to build a museum to acknowledge my achievements. I wanted more than a building to house my memorabilia. I wanted a place that would inspire people to be the best that they could be at whatever they chose to do, and to encourage them to be respectful of one another."

Check out Muhammad Ali's speech at UCLA below:

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