Microsoft Azure's Cloud Streaks Continues; Its Now The Single Biggest Threat To Amazon AWS, Analyst Said

Mar 21, 2017 PM EDT Azure continue to gain more ground as a cloud alternative. A Pacific Crest Analyst has just downgraded Amazon—not so much for Amazon's recent cloud troubles, but for what its cloud computing ...

Latest Amazon Alexa Program To One-Up Google In The Fierce Competition For Developer Mindshare

Mar 21, 2017 PM EDT AWS opens up Alexa to developers. Amazon Makes It Free for Developers to Build and Host Most Alexa Skills Using AWS.

Andromeda OS Reportedly Renamed as Fuchsia OS; Set to Eliminate All Android OS Versions

Mar 15, 2017 AM EDT Google has already confirmed the uncertainty of Andromeda OS when the search giant announced the discontinuation of Chromebook Pixel laptop. However, recent reports suggest that Andromeda OS has not ...

Google Trashes Old Captcha System, Introduces Invisible Behaviour-Centric Protection [VIDEO]

Mar 13, 2017 PM EDT Google has updated its old CAPTCHA system with a behavior-based authentication for better identification of bots and human users.

The Jacquard Jacket: All there is to Know about Levi's and Google's Wearable Project

Mar 13, 2017 PM EDT The Jacquard Jacket is the most practical wearable one really needs. It doesn’t promise to be life changing or be the most cutting-edge technology on the market. These are the qualities that make it ...

Google Job Listings Seeking For New Hardware Related Positions [VIDEO]

Mar 13, 2017 AM EDT Google has posted new job listings and with this has been speculated to may have a new AV/VR product.

Levi's Project Jacquard and Google Team Up To Create A Smart Jacket

Mar 13, 2017 AM EDT Levi's is teaming up with Google to bring innovation to the clothing industry, specifically denim

New Google Chrome 57 Update Brings Developers-Friendly Tools Along With Dozens Of Improvements

Mar 11, 2017 AM EST Chrome 57 Out For Mac, Windows, and Linux With New Features, Update For Android & iOS Imminent. It also fixed 36 security vulnerabilities.

Google’s Jamboard Is An Attractive Option To Microsoft Surface Hub [Video]

Mar 11, 2017 AM EST Following Microsoft’s lead in Microsoft Surface Hub introduced in 2015, Google jumped into the market with its own Jamboard.

Google Fortunetelling Falsely Labeled; Doesn't Tell Future At All

Mar 10, 2017 PM EST Google Fortunetelling is an avenue that Google is using for something rather important than telling your fortune. If you’re expecting it to tell you about wealth, love, long life, you’re in the ...

How To Use Google Search Efficiently: Hacks Every Student Should Know

Mar 09, 2017 AM EST Here are some useful tips to help students maximize the use of Google in their research and other educational purposes.

Google Caught Spreading Fake News over the Weekend

Mar 08, 2017 AM EST Typing “Is Barrack Obama Planning a Coup” on Google gives an answer that pops up first will lead to a misleading site. This placed the big tech company in hot water as it is blamed for spreading ...

Google Chrome To Get A Big Boost, Courtesy Of Apple, But May Also Faces Serious Cybersecurity Threat

Feb 28, 2017 PM EST Google Chrome to get another big update, support for Apple's Touch bar is coming. Latest Google Chrome scam may pose a serious risk to users.

Google Gmail To Get A Big Boost But Gmail's Open Source Project Might End Up Going Nowhere

Feb 28, 2017 AM EST Google will be releasing an experimental version of the company's E2Email encryption technology to the open source community. But without strong leadership and backings from the companies like Google, ...

YouTube Is Reportedly Closing Down As Google, Microsoft, Yahoo Intensifies Cracked Down Of Piracy Sites

Feb 22, 2017 AM EST Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are working together with Intellectual Property Office to crack down online piracy sites for copyright infringements. To recall, YouTube is one of those sites that’s ...

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