Google Chrome To Get A Big Lift From Apple, But May Faces Serious Cybersecurity Threat


Google Chrome is getting another big lift this week. The search's giant ubiquitous web browser is about to get another update that will make it even better in terms of speed and accessibility. Google Chrome is reportedly getting Touch Bar support for Apple's new MacBook Pro. 

According to the UK-based online publication The Express, the latest version of the Google Chrome browser will now include support for Apple's Touch Bar, enhancing the user experience. The Cupertino-based Apple first introduced its new MacBook Pro last year with the innovative Touch Bar display which runs across the top of the keyboard and officially replaces the function keys on the MacBook.

As mentioned earlier, the Touch Bar is application specific meaning it adapts to what's on screen, however, the Chrome web browser doesn't support the Touch Bar, which means that screen goes blank when using the software. Fortunately, Google is working hard to address this issue and the upcoming Chrome update is expected to provide MacBook Pro users some extra relief.

The news about Chrome update and Touch bar support comes just days after Chrome users were warned of a new cyber threat that could allow hackers to infect their PC through a simple legitimate-looking pop-up windows that ask users to download a Google Chrome update.

According to Business Insider, the latest Google Chrome scam poses a serious risk to users where cyber criminals able to inject virus-filled script into the poorly-protected website on the user's browser. Once infected, it makes the page unreadable, with a fake pop-up that convinces users into downloading a Chrome patch to solve the 'page unreadable' issue. The prompt is disguised as a legitimate-looking pop-up sourced from the Google Chrome web browser, which makes it very convincing to download.

Google Chrome users can learn more on about this latest security threat in a recent blog post by Mahmoud Al- Qudsi at Neosmart Technologies website. For now, this cybersecurity threat affects only those Chrome users on Windows-powered machines, which also means that Mac users are still safe from this threat.

For most IT security experts, knowledge is still the best defense here, Chrome users should be aware that there's no way that pop-up warnings from the Google Chrome browser will appear as an overlay to a website or web page. Google also does not offer any functionality for prompting for a missing font download for the Chrome web browser.

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