Artificial Intelligence System Learns Racism and Bigotry [Video]

Apr 16, 2017 AM EDT A new study found that artificial intelligence system aren't that "objective" and "unbiased" as it can absorb mankind's bigotry and racism.

U.K. University Bans Gender-Specific Nouns For Cultural Diversity Initiative

Mar 06, 2017 AM EST Cardiff Metropolitan University has announced its Gender Inclusive Language Policy.

‘Universal Design in Instruction’ Approach Promotes Equal Access To Education [Video]

Mar 02, 2017 AM EST "Universal Design in Instruction" promotes equal access to education regardless of age, culture, sex and even physical disabilities.

University Of Sussex Student Union Adds New Rule To Gender Pronoun Use

Jan 02, 2017 AM EST University of Sussex joins other institutions in gender inclusion.

University Of Kansas Libraries Give Students Pronoun Pins In Inclusion Effort

Dec 29, 2016 AM EST The University of Kansas libraries gave students pronoun pins to help them easily make their preferred pronouns known to others.

Drake University Slammed For Firing Assistant Coach Due To Gender

Dec 29, 2016 AM EST A former assistant coach at Drake University has sued the school for forcing her to quit due to her gender.

Oxford University Urges Colleges To Be Gender Neutral

Dec 19, 2016 AM EST Oxford University continues its efforts to be gender neutral.

Oxford University Urges Students To Use 'Ze' In Place Of Traditional Pronouns

Dec 13, 2016 AM EST Oxford University has joined the gender neutrality cause.

Understanding Gender Identity: There’s More to it Than Just Hormones

Nov 25, 2016 AM EST Gender identity does not only rely on the biological factors that make up an individual, external factors also influence the gender of a person and it goes beyond the sex chromosomes.

Utah State University Allow Overnight Visitors of the Opposite Gender

Nov 05, 2016 PM EDT Utah State University is opening its dorms to accept guests of the opposite gender for sleepovers.

University Of Michigan Gives Students Freedom To Choose Their 'Preferred Pronouns'

Sep 29, 2016 AM EDT The University of Michigan is continuing its efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in its campus.

Chicago Public Schools Transgender Guidelines Updated; Representative Disagrees And Files ‘Transphobic’ Bill

May 04, 2016 AM EDT A recent update to the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) guidelines added a policy allowing transgender and gender nonconformists to use bathrooms that suit best with their respective gender identities.

Gender Gaps Do Exist In Science Classrooms As Well, Study

Sep 03, 2014 AM EDT Researchers at the Arizona State University and the University of Washington have debunked a common assumption that the field of biology no longer faces gender inequalities.

Gender Linked To Crash Type and Injury Severity, Study

Aug 27, 2014 AM EDT Gender is linked to the type of severe or fatal crash a young driver might be involved in, according to a Kansas State University study.

Race, Gender Inequality Being Practised At FBS Schools?

Jan 04, 2014 AM EST Majority of the staff at Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) schools are white and male, according to a University of Central Florida study.

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