‘Universal Design in Instruction’ Approach Promotes Equal Access To Education [Video]


Educational researchers and educators have given increased attention to another approach to education, 'Universal Design in Instruction' or UDI. The Wichita State University had just held a workshop to promote the said approach.

"Universal Design in Instruction" or UDI is an approach designed to accommodate learners from all walks of life. It gives everyone access to education. This approach considers all learners' needs from the preparation of curriculum to classroom settings.

The Wichita State University conducted a workshop to increase educators' awareness and understanding of the "Universal Design in Instruction". The participants came from various educational institutions in the area.

Sheryl Burgstahler, University of Washington affiliate professor at the College of Education, was the invited speaker during the workshop. She emphasized the need for education to be proactive and not just responsive. This will help students with disabilities to go to college and engage in a career that suits their abilities, according to Wichita State University

The principle of "Universal Design in Instruction" was developed by the Universal Design Center. Its major aim is to make and promote products and environments that promote flexible, equitable and intuitive use of these products and environments. It also encourages tolerance for errors, less effort and space and size where the approach can be best put into full use. One example is making the classroom environment comfortable for everyone, according to DO-IT.

To achieve this, students in a "Universal Design in Instruction" classroom are always made to feel welcome. Instruction and support are given based on the performance of students.

Teachers are encouraged to be available and approachable at all times. He should be careful not to make a student's disability standout be mentioning it. Lessons are planned with all learners in mind regardless of their age, gender, culture and disabilities.

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