Financial Habits you Should Adapt to Save More Money

Jan 12, 2017 AM EST Here are a few financial habits you need to learn and start today if you want to be able to save more money this year.

Money Matters: Financial Must-Do’s To Consider In Your 30’s

Dec 15, 2016 AM EST Here are the things that you have to make to establish a stronger financial foundation upon reaching your 30's.

How your Childhood Affects your Money Problems According to a Financial Psychologist

Dec 04, 2016 AM EST Here is how your childhood actually affects your attitude towards money as explained by a financial psyhologist.

How To Become Financially Independent University Student, Academics Suggest! [VIDEO]

Aug 20, 2016 PM EDT Having problems saving money for college? Discover the best tips on how to become financially-independent.

Education and Money: Review of Financial Learning Standard In Schools, Financial Literacy For The Young Generation

Jul 25, 2016 PM EDT Schools and school officials are excited on the revamp on financial learning standards in schools, aiming to provide students with financial literacy even at their early age.

Mid-Continent University Files for Bankruptcy Protection

Oct 11, 2014 AM EDT Mid-Continent University has filed for bankruptcy protection with the United States Bankruptcy Court amid financial chaos.

Mansfield to Suspend Degree Programs and Faculty in Restructuring Initiative

Oct 10, 2014 AM EDT Mansfield University will freeze several academic programs and let go 12 faculty members due to financial constraints like enrolment declines and reduced state aid. The move will take effect with the ...

W&M Alumnus Donates $3Million to Provide Financial Support to Law Aspirants

Sep 23, 2014 AM EDT Henry C. Wolf, a William & Mary alumnus and former university Rector, has made a gift of $3 million to establish the 1779 Scholars FUND for student scholarships at W&M Law School.

Former Employee Files 'Whistleblower' Lawsuit against Northern New Mexico

Aug 11, 2014 AM EDT Angelo Jacques, a former employee of the Northern New Mexico College, has filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the school for unlawful termination.

American Students Perform Averagely on Financial Literacy Tests, OECD Survey

Jul 10, 2014 AM EDT A recent study by the Organisation for Economic Co‑operation and Development found that American students perform averagely on financial literacy tests as compared to their peers from other ...

More than 10,000 Suicides across Europe, North America Occurred During Recession, Study

Jun 12, 2014 AM EDT Financial crisis between 2008 and 2010 triggered over 10,000 suicides across Europe and North America, according to an Oxford University study.

Baltimore Students to Receive Free Tuition in Final Semester upon Completion of Degrees in Four Years

Apr 24, 2014 AM EDT In an attempt to ease financial burden of students and motivate them to finish degree in four years with good grades, University of Baltimore has announced “Finish4Free” initiative.

Parental Financial Contributions Adds Pressure to Succeed Among Young Athletes, Study

Apr 10, 2014 PM EDT Young athletes are less likely to enjoy their sport when they feel compelled to win because of their parent’s financial contributions, according to a Utah State University study.

Black People Need To Pay More to Close Financial Dealings than Whites, Study

Oct 21, 2013 AM EDT The recent controversial shooting of Trayvon Martin followed by the acquittal of George Zimmerman, has reiterated the fact that racism that started in the early 16th century in the United States ...

Ohio Northern To Reduce Tuition By Up To 25 Percent In 2014

Oct 15, 2013 AM EDT In an attempt to reduce financial burdens on both students and parent's shoulders, Ohio Northern University has introduced 'The Ohio Northern Promise' program that promises to lessen tuition rates by ...

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