‘Hot Jupiter’ Exoplanet Magnetism Leads To Winds Getting Interrupted [VIDEO]

May 29, 2017 AM EDT HAT-P 7B was recently discovered to have its winds get disrupted by its own magnetism. The discovery could result in future studies and uses for Earth's benefit.

Astronomers Discover Planet With Water & Atmosphere; This Could Be It!

Apr 08, 2017 AM EDT Humans are getting closer to making their first contact with other extra-terrestial lifeforms or are they?

NASA Shares Raw Data Regarding Three Potentially Habitable Exoplanets

Mar 15, 2017 PM EDT Finding an explanet fit for man is one great accomplishment of NASA. However, finding several is remarkable.

Database Of Stars Released Allows Discovery Of Exoplanets Using Laptop [Video]

Feb 16, 2017 AM EST Alien planet hunting can now be done from the home with the use of a laptop runningh the HIRES software. Ordinary people will have the chance to make a discovery.

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