End of the World

Stephen Hawking And The Future Humanity: Send Astronauts To The Moon By 2020 [VIDEO]

Jun 21, 2017 AM EDT Humans need to leave Earth to survive the next million years.

Ancient People Have Warned Us About An Apocalyptic Event But Scientists Just Found It [Video]

Apr 26, 2017 AM EDT Scientists have found a "frightening message" from ancient people hidden since 11,000 B.C.

Teen Overtakes Google Maps, Locates Ancient Mayan Site; Hints Error To 2012 ‘End Of The World' Theory? [VIDEO]

May 11, 2016 AM EDT Amid technological breakthroughs and computer advancement, some things remain undiscovered. A 15-year-old kid from Canada has just proven this true when he discovered an ancient Mayan city, The Fire ...

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