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Study Explains Why Human Children Grow Slowly

Aug 26, 2014 AM EDT Northwestern University researchers have found out why human children grow slowly when compared to closest animal relatives.

Blood Transfusion Lowers Recurrence of Strokes In Children With Sickle Cell Anemia: Study

Aug 21, 2014 AM EDT Frequent blood transfusion therapy lowers recurrence of strokes in children with sickle cell anemia who already suffer pre-existing silent strokes, according to a Vanderbilt-led study.

Parents' Work Hours Directly Influence Children's Eating Habits and Weight, Study

Aug 20, 2014 AM EDT Parents' work schedule directly affects their adolescent children's eating habits, according to a new study by the Penn State University.

Researchers Develop Accurate Tool for ADHD Diagnosis

Aug 16, 2014 AM EDT Tel Aviv University researchers have developed an accurate diagnostic tool for the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) - the most commonly diagnosed and misdiagnosed - behavioral disorder ...

Hand Sanitizers Do Not Improve School Attendance Among Children, Study

Aug 13, 2014 AM EDT Installation of alcohol-based hand sanitizer dispensers in the classrooms does not result in lower rates of school absenteeism in children, according to a study by the University of Otago, New ...

Marital Conflicts Harm Parents' Bond with Children, Study

Aug 07, 2014 AM EDT Marital conflicts can harm parents' bond with their children, according to a Southern Methodist study.

Immigrant Children More Likely to Adopt Sedentary Lifestyles, Study

Aug 05, 2014 AM EDT Immigrant children are more likely to adopt a sedentary lifestyle as compared to U.S.-born white children, according to a new study by the Rice University.

Strong Family Bonds Reduce Inflammation in Children of low-income Families, Study

Jul 22, 2014 AM EDT Strengthening families can help reduce inflammation - a chronic overactivation of parts of the immune system essential for long-term health - in children from low socioeconomic backgrounds, according ...

Asthma Drugs Suppress Growth in Children

Jul 18, 2014 AM EDT Popular asthma corticosteroid drugs suppress growth in children, according to a new study by the Federal University of Rio Grande in Rio Grande, Brazil.

Anti-Epileptic Drugs During Pregnancy Up Risk of Brain Impairment in Children, Study

Jul 12, 2014 AM EDT Anti-epileptic drugs like sodium valproate (VPA), taken during pregnancy, increases the risk of brain impairment in children, according to a University of Birmingham study.

Drowning Is Leading Cause of Death among Autistic Children, Study

Jul 10, 2014 AM EDT Drowning is the leading cause of death among children suffering from Autism, according to a new study by the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia.

Children Raised By Homosexual Couples Are Healthier, Study

Jul 08, 2014 AM EDT Children raised by homosexual couples are healthier as compared to those nurtured by heterosexual couples, according to a University of Melbourne study.

Children Born To Healthy Mothers Are Similar In Size at Birth, Study

Jul 08, 2014 AM EDT Healthy and well-educated mothers give birth to similar size babies worldwide, according to a University of Oxford study.

Even 10-year-olds Responsible For Anti-Muslim Abuse in United Kingdom, Study

Jul 01, 2014 AM EDT The Muslim community is experiencing frequent abuse in the United Kingdom with perpetrators being as young as 10 years of age, according to a new study by Teesside University.

Children Born Through Fertility Treatments More Likely To Be Autistic or Schizophrenic

Jun 30, 2014 AM EDT Children born through fertility treatments are 33 percent more likely to develop psychiatric problems than those conceived through natural births, according to a University of Copenhagen study.

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