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Princeton University Warns China: SNG Will Improve Air Quality But Worsen Climate Change [VIDEO]

Apr 29, 2017 AM EDT There is another way to fight air pollution without using synthetic gas.

Indiana University Scientists Create Molecule That Converts Carbon Dioxide To Monoxide

Mar 11, 2017 AM EST Researchers find a more efficient method of carbon reduction.

EPA Head Needs Head Checked

Mar 10, 2017 PM EST Donald Trump’s Head of the Environmental Protection Agency denied the basic scientific understanding that carbon dioxide emissions are the major cause of global warming. This is a big opposition to ...

MIT Researchers Find Greenhouse Gases Cause Further Rise In Sea-level

Jan 11, 2017 AM EST MIT and Simon Fraser University researchers study how greenhouse gases stay in the ocean for a long period of time.

NASA Releases Video Of How CO2 Affects The Earth's Atmosphere

Dec 20, 2016 AM EST NASA has released a video showing how carbon dioxide spreads on the Earth's atmosphere.

Power Plants Will Emit 300 Billion More Tons of CO2 during Their Lifetime, Study

Aug 28, 2014 AM EDT Power plants worldwide will emit more than three billion more tons of carbon dioxide during their lifetimes, according to a study conducted by the University of California, Irvine, and the Princeton ...

Rising Temperatures Increase Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Oceans, Study

Jun 09, 2014 AM EDT Rising global temperatures can increase carbon dioxide emissions released naturally by world's oceans, according to a University of Edinburgh study. Researchers said that this reaction could fuel ...

Climate Engineering Is Not Effective Solution for Battling Climate Change, Study

Jun 05, 2014 AM EDT The application of climate engineering is not a viable long-term solution in dissipating greenhouse gases and reducing global warming in the coming years, according to a new report authored by ...

Higher CO2 Levels Leads to Loss of Nutrients from Grains and Legumes, Study

May 08, 2014 AM EDT Rising carbon-dioxide levels will result in the production of less nutritious’ grains and legumes, according to a University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign study.

Yawning Helps Cool Brain, Study

May 07, 2014 AM EDT Yawning known to increase oxygen and carbondi-oxide levels in blood is also found to help cool the brain, according to a University of Vienna, Nova Southeastern University and SUNY College at Oneonta ...

Suburbs Release More Greenhouse Gases than Cities, Study

Jan 08, 2014 AM EST Environmental scientists found that suburbs that account for less than half of the nation's population are responsible for about 50 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions, largely carbon dioxide.

Increasing CO2 Emissions Can Cause Global Temperatures to Rise By 4°C by 2100, Study

Jan 02, 2014 AM EST Failure to reduce carbon dioxide emission can cause global temperatures to rise by a minimum of 4°C by 2100, according to a University of New South Wales study. Researchers said that the global ...

Ocean Acidification Threatens Survival Rate of Copepods in the Arctic, Study

Dec 07, 2013 AM EST Rising ocean acidification is threatening the survival of copepods, the tiny crustaceans, according to an expedition to the Arctic, which was a part of the Catlin Arctic Survey.

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