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Tumor-Shrinking Nanoparticle May Be The Cure For Cancer, Mayo Clinic Researchers Find [VIDEO]

May 03, 2017 AM EDT This new method shrinks cancer tumors and prevents recurrence.

Breast Cancer Vaccine To Be Produced Through A Five Year Research

Mar 22, 2017 AM EDT New Zealand researchers plan to prooduca a vaccine for breast cancer through a five-year research after receiving $500,000 funding from the Breast Cancer Foundation of New Zealand.

University Of Windsor Professor Unveils How Yoga Aids Breast Cancer Survivors

Dec 30, 2016 AM EST Professor Cheri McGowan is researching on the benefits of yoga when it comes to breast cancer survivors.

How Eating Curry Can Help Kill Breast Cancer Cells

Dec 24, 2016 PM EST A recent research suggests that capsaicin, an ingredient found in spices like chili and pepper can inhibit the growth and can result in the death of large numbers of breast cancer cells.

Studies Revealed that Diabetes May Cause Kidney, Breast and Endometrical Cancer

Aug 07, 2016 AM EDT Does diabetes cause cancer or vice versa?

High-Fat Mediterranean Diet Can Lower The Risk Of Heart Disease, Breast Cancer & Type 2 Diabetes

Jul 19, 2016 AM EDT A new study confirmed that a Mediterranean diet rich in healthy fats might lower a person's risk of breast cancer, type 2 diabetes as well as heart disease.

Worldwide Cancer Study Shows Garlic And Aged Garlic Extract Prevents Colon, Breast And Other Types Of Cancers

Jun 22, 2016 AM EDT Garlic plays an important role as herbal remedy for centuries. It has been long used in imperial China to cure such ailments. Been recorded in the ancient Egypt history as painted on tombs walls and ...

Breast Cancer Awareness: Teens Who Eat Fatty Foods May Increase Breast Cancer Risk Later in Life

May 21, 2016 AM EDT Teens that have a high intake of saturated fats through fatty foods may have an increased risk of breast cancer later in life.

15 or More Moles in One Arm Increases Breast Cancer Risk, Study

Jun 11, 2014 AM EDT Researchers from Indiana University, Harvard University and INSERM have discovered a novel predictor of breast cancer - Cutaneous nevi or moles.

Low-Calorie Diet Prevents Breast Cancer from Spreading, Study

May 28, 2014 AM EDT Low-calorie diet prevents Triple-Negative Breast Cancer - one of the deadliest and aggressive forms of the disease - from spreading, according to a Thomas Jefferson University study.

White Women at Greater Breast Cancer Risk than Blacks, South Asians: Study

Jan 09, 2014 AM EST White women are more likely to develop breast cancer than their black and south Asian counterparts because they engage in heavy drinking, spend less time breastfeeding and produce fewer kids, ...

Tomato-Rich Diet Lowers Breast Cancer Risk, Study

Dec 19, 2013 AM EST Adopting a tomato-rich diet can help lower breast cancer risk in postmenopausal women, according to a Rutgers University study.

Statins, Healthy Diet Help Lower Breast Cancer Risk, Study

Nov 30, 2013 AM EST Taking statins, the cholesterol-lowering drug on a regular basis can help prevent breast cancer, according to a Duke University study.

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