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Jun 22, 2016 11:00 AM EDT

Worldwide Cancer Study Shows Garlic And Aged Garlic Extract Prevents Colon, Breast And Other Types Of Cancers


Modern science validates the medicinal benefits of garlic and its potential affectivity to lower risk of age-related diseases like cardiovascular, breast and colon cancer.

A fact sheet from the National Cancer Institute shows cancer-preventive actions of garlic and Aged Garlic ExtractTM (AGE), an odorless natural garlic supplement made by Wakunaga of America (Kyolic® AGE) documented in experimental representations and in humans.

The Iowa Women's Study has showed a strong relationship between garlic intake and reduced risk for colon cancer. Findings show that women who consumed the most amount of garlic had a 50 percent lower danger of cancer of the distal colon in contrast with those who had the lowest level of garlic consumption, Total Health Magazine reported.

One of the studies proved that frequent consumption of garlic and a variety of onions and chives was linked with reduced risk of esophageal and stomach cancers.

Another study showed that consumption of allium vegetables, particularly garlic and onions, was associated to a lesser risk of stomach cancer. In a third study, consuming more than 10 grams per day of allium vegetables, particularly garlic and scallions was related with approximately 50 percent reduction in prostate cancer threat, THM added.

Evidence supports that increased garlic consumption can reduce pancreatic cancer risk. A study performed in the San Francisco Bay area proved that pancreatic cancer risk was 54 percent lower in people who ingest huge amount of garlic compared to those who ate much lower amounts.

Additionally, a study in France found that increased garlic consumption was associated with a statistically important drop in breast cancer risk.

However, Garlic intake may not be for everyone due to its lingering smell and its impending gastric side effects, for instance, flatulence and diarrhea thwart many from eating fresh garlic which deprives them of its benefits.

Furthermore, these studies show cancer as a multistep process having genetic components that are inherent but it also is an illness either initiated or promoted by environmental factors and some metabolic effects like free radicals and oxidation. Fresh garlic intake as a condiment or daily diet supplement with odorless Kyolic AGE can be an effective approaches to protect against the inception and development of some types of cancer.

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