7 Changes College Students Can Make in Their 20s to Prepare Them for Success

Dec 05, 2016 AM EST Making certain choices and developing habits early in adulthood can help one become more successful in life later on.

Madonna Medical Benefit Concert ‘Raising Malawi’: Creating Music, Education And Art Awareness

Nov 29, 2016 AM EST Madonna is scheduled to perform in Miami for the “Raising Malawi” benefit.

Penn State Senior To Launch Non-Profit Organization For Students With Schizophrenia

Oct 13, 2016 AM EDT Cecilia McGough, a senior at Penn State U, will be launching a non-profit organization to help fellow students with schizophrenia.

Enrolling In A For-Profit College? Here Are A Couple Of Things You Should Know

Sep 30, 2016 AM EDT Check out these things you should know before enrolling in a for-profit college.

Yale University Research Shows That Intervention Is Needed To Solve School-Based Gambling Problems

Jul 07, 2016 PM EDT A study led by researchers at Yale University says that interventions are needed to target school-based gambling and stop the wagering problem that takes place on school grounds.

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