7 Changes College Students Can Make in Their 20s to Prepare Them for Success


One psychologist believes that a person's 20s is the defining decade of his life. Development in his personal and professional lives during this time will most likely influence his future. This is why it's important not to mess up.

Making mistakes and wrong decisions however are parts of life and essential to the learning process. 'Adulting' happens when young people learn and embrace the responsibilities that comes with being a grown up.

This is why it's important to for college students to develop critical habits and eliminate certain things that will hold them down. Business Insider made a list of these things lifted from Quora threads and here are some of our picks:

  1. Start writing down your goals. Writing down goals help young people define paths they would like to take later in life after college. Having a list of one's goals and dreams in a physical form gives one a focal point on where he intends to go and guides what he should do.

  2. Let go of that ego. Pride and vanity limits one's learning and the opportunities to discover new things. Don't let your ego rob you of possibilities. As one Quora puts it, "Burst your own bubble by asking what if I'm wrong?"

  3. Don't live someone else's life. Don't let other people's standards and expectations define your values and personal worth. Living up to someone else's yardstick will not help you feel accomplished or fulfilled. Learn to be true to who you are and live on your own terms. We all only get one chance.

  4. Begin taking care of your health. It's a common mistake among young people to ignore their health thinking their bodies can still recover or keep up because they are young. Protecting one's health is an investment to make sure you get to enjoy your future.

  5. Work towards financial independence. It's common knowledge that some students splurge their student loans on non-education-related expenses not realizing that they will spend the next few years paying for it. Be aware of your finances early on. Start saving up young not just to pay for student loans but to have funds for investment and retirement. Do not over-reward yourself, think of delayed-gratification and think of the power of compounded interest for your savings.

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