Apple Releases WatchOS 3.1.3 Beta 2 To Developers For Testing; Series 3 Release Date; Apple Watch 15 Hidden Features [Video]

Jan 12, 2017 AM EST Apple recently released watchOS 3.1.3 beta 2 principally for developers. The second beta comes just after three weeks of releasing watchOS 3.1.3 beta, for testing purposes.

Surface Pro 3 vs iPad Pro 9.7 In A Battle Of Specifications [Video]

Jan 12, 2017 AM EST If there was one thing CES 2017 made clear, it is the fact that portable computing is on the rise and the most viable direction the industry is heading for. Apple, the long undisputed leader in mobile ...

Apple Found A Bug Responsible For Inconsistent MacBook Pro's Battery Life [Video]

Jan 12, 2017 AM EST Apple’s MacBook Pro got a soft blow last month when Consumer Reports decided it could not recommend the new laptop for having inconsistent battery life.

The 'Binding of Isaac: Rebirth' Now The Best Game In The App Store Despite Apple's Past Rejection [VIDEO]

Jan 12, 2017 AM EST Despite the game's popularity back then, Apple had to turn down the offer to include "The Binding of Isaac" in the App Store due to its violent content. That didn't stop Nicalis. Now, the game has ...

iPad Pro 2 Release Date, Specs: 3 Bezel-less Models Might Actually Come Soon But Without Mini; Why iPads Are Still On Sale?

Jan 12, 2017 AM EST Apple fans clamor for details about the upcoming iPad Pro 2. Apple insiders just revealed that three new variants will be launched. An ongoing sale for previous iPad models even suggests that release ...

iPhone 8 News: A Sneak Peek At How Apple iPhone 8 With iOS 11 Will Look Like [VIDEO]

Jan 11, 2017 AM EST Apple iPhone fans are getting more excited about the upcoming release of the iPhone 8 and it appears they couldn't wait to get a hand on the device. Here are details that will keep up the excitement.

Apple AirPods Know When You’re Talking, Listening; Everything Is Spectacular Except The Price

Jan 10, 2017 AM EST The innovativeness of Apple when it comes to its technology and devices has always amazed everyone in the tech industry, especially its recent wireless AirPods that offers a reliable wireless ...

Apple Releasing 3 New iPads Soon: Larger Models With Beefed-Up Processors Teased

Jan 10, 2017 AM EST Apple is reportedly introducing three new iPads this year. Reports claimed that the iPads would feature bigger screen sizes and a more powerful processor.

Apple Computer Virus: Vicious Malware Freezes PCs, Crashes iTunes & Dupes Users

Jan 09, 2017 AM EST The virus is acquired by visiting a certain website using the Safari browser. The malware causes either of the two actions and to make things worse, dupes users with a fake Apple support number.

Energous Wireless Charger Didn't Materialize, But Could Come To Future Apple iPhones [Report]

Jan 08, 2017 AM EST Energous, a startup that specializes in RF waves to charge devices even from a distance, failed to deliver wireless charging technology that it promised back in 2015. The non-delivery was attributed ...

Apple Watch Series 3 Launching In Fall 2017 Comes With Two Major Improvements Including Design [Video]

Jan 07, 2017 AM EST A report from a Chinese news website said that Apple gave the contract to Taiwan-based Quanta to manufacture the Apple Watch Series 3. It is speculated that the Apple Watch might be launched in the ...

LG G6 Specs, Features, Price & Release Date Revealed! Phone Ditching Modular Design

Jan 06, 2017 AM EST LG is ditching the modular design for the upcoming LG G6. A company spokesperson said that the device will instead showcase "aesthetics and usability," perhaps with the more traditional glass back.

Apple To Give Away Beats Solo 3 Wireless For Free

Jan 04, 2017 AM EST Wondering how to get one Beats Solo 3 for free? Apple has just announced its promotion during the Chinese New Year where Apple consumers can have a chance to take home a Beats Solo 3 for free. Check ...

Apple iOS 10.3 Features Theater Mode, Can Be Used Inside Cinemas [Reported]

Jan 04, 2017 AM EST Many iPhone users got confused after learning new reports on Apple's upcoming release of iOS 10.3 that will feature a Theater Mode. What is the Theater mode? How does it function?

Xiaomi Mi6 Mix Vs. iPhone 8: Battle of the Flagships, Which One is Better [Video]

Jan 03, 2017 AM EST Xiaomi Mi6 Mix vs. iPhone 8. Both will reportedly feature full bezel-less displays and wireless charging. Which of this two phones will outsell the other when they are both released next year.

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