MBARI Researchers Discover How Majority Of Deep-Sea Animals Make Their Own Light [Video]

Apr 13, 2017 PM EDT A third of deep-sea animals are able to produce their own light.

University Of Alberta Says Animal Feces Is Important For Plant Repopulation

Feb 24, 2017 AM EST Edmonton scientists from the University of Alberta finds that predator feces plays an important role.

An Animal A Day Keeps the Doctor Away? Owning a Pet Will Keep You Healthy

Dec 12, 2016 PM EST Here is the scientific explanation on why owning a pet can make us healthier.

Chimps Can Suffer Presbyopia At 40 Plus, Kyoto University Academic Study Reveals

Nov 10, 2016 AM EST Academic study reveals that far-sightedness among animals is a natural thing. Later sugegstions from the study involve the shifitng of focus from gene analyses to animal observations.

Foraging Strategies in Animals Unchanged For 50 Million Years, Study

Jul 18, 2014 AM EDT The technique used by animals to search for food hasn't changed in the last 50 million years, according to a University of Southampton study.

ICL under Fire over Mistreatment of Animals in its Laboratories

Jul 03, 2014 AM EDT Imperial College London has come under fire from the Animals in Science Committee (ASC) over mistreatment of animals in its laboratories.

Fish Feel Pain Similar To Humans, Study

Jun 20, 2014 AM EDT Fish feel the pain of others in a manner similar to humans, according to a new study by the Macquarie University in Australia.

Dinosaurs Were neither Cold-Blooded nor Warm-Blooded, Study

Jun 16, 2014 AM EDT A latest study by researchers at the University of New Mexico has found that dinosaurs were neither cold-blooded reptiles nor hot-blooded mammals or birds.

Animal Interactions Help Young Adults Develop Confidence and Better Social Skills, Study

Feb 01, 2014 AM EST Young adults who are extremely fond of animals are more likely to have positive traits, and enhanced social relationships and association with their communities, according to a Tufts University study. ...

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