Alliance Defending Freedom

University Crackdowns on Free Speech and Religious Expression Expected to Become Worse, says Expert

Jan 24, 2017 PM EST Alliance Defending Freedom's new president thinks the crackdown on free speech in universities will turn for the worst, even with a new government administration.

College Sued By Students After They Were Arrested for Distributing Free Copies of U.S. Constitution On Campus

Jan 23, 2017 AM EST Kellogg Community College is facing a lawsuit for having two students arrested for distributing free copies of the U.S. Constitution on campus.

CSU Sued for Denying Funds For Student-Run Pro-Life Event

Jan 19, 2017 AM EST A student-run organization is suing Colorado State University for not releasing funds for an event with a pro-life speaker.

University of Wisconsin Faces Lawsuit For Denying ‘Religious’ Student Community Service

Nov 29, 2016 PM EST Alliance Defending Freedom has filed a lawsuit against the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire for denying two students' credit over service rendered for "religious purposes."

North Carolina State University Sued Over Alleged Violation Of Free-Speech Rights

Jun 30, 2016 PM EDT The North Carolina State University was sued by a Christian-led group over claims that the institution violated free-speech rights.

Permit To Share Faith? Court Ends U.S. University Policy Requring Permit Before Sharing Faith

Jun 16, 2016 AM EDT North Carolina court headed by James Denver, District Judge reportedly ended North Carolina State University's policy requiring Christian student groups to secure a permit before exercising any form ...

Christian Student Groups In America Require A Permit To Speak To Other Students?

Jun 02, 2016 AM EDT Earlier this month, reports indicating the North Carolina State University separated a student Christian group from the rest of the student population surfaced online. This indicated that the ...

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