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Low-cost Plastic Sensors Could Monitor A Range Of Health Conditions

Jun 23, 2018 AM EDT A low-cost device can help detect surgical complications or neurodegenerative issues using the patient's blood, saliva, tears, or sweat.

Yellowstone's 'Landscape Of Fear' Not So Scary After All

Jun 23, 2018 AM EDT Experts say that Yellowstone's 'Landscape Of Fear' isn't that scary for the preys. While there are wolves in the area, they do not hunt for elks and other preys 24/7.

Controlling Robots With Brainwaves And Hand Gestures

Jun 23, 2018 AM EDT What if you can control robots with a simple flick of a finger? A team of experts is trying to make that a reality through this latest experiment.

One year of school comes with an IQ bump, meta-analysis shows

Jun 23, 2018 AM EDT A new study concludes that education can boost results in intelligence test scores and has long-lasting effects.

Flavored Electronic Cigarettes Linked To Possible Cardiovascular Disease

Jun 16, 2018 AM EDT Scientists from the Boston University School of Medicine looked into the effects of flavored e-cigarettes to the lining of blood vessels. Here are their findings.

New Report Predicts Shift in Education System to Keep Up with Future Job Market

Jun 16, 2018 AM EDT A new report lists down changes needed in the education system so students will be ready to the evolving global economy.

New Data: More Than 900,000 U.S. Students Ride a School Bus Fueled by Propane to School

Jun 16, 2018 AM EDT Propane school bus registrations have increased by 700 percent in last 5 years.

Honeybees Zero In On Nothing

Jun 08, 2018 AM EDT Scientists discover bees understand the concept of zero, a surprise finding that opens possibilities for new, simpler approaches to developing AI

Want To Learn Open Source Development, Git, and Linux? The Linux Foundation is Offering a New Course for Developers

Jun 08, 2018 AM EDT Course designed to help developers with expertise in other operating systems to gain more Linux, Git and general open source knowledge and experience

Tobacco Use Rates Among Middle and High School Students Flatten in 2017

Jun 08, 2018 AM EDT E-cigarettes maybe putting a new generation at risk of nicotine addiction, according to new survey.

AI-Based Method Could Speed Development Of Specialized Nanoparticles

Jun 04, 2018 AM EDT While a lot of experts are afraid of what AI might bring, undeniably, AI can also help things better. Here's how a new MIT study sees the role of AI in improving the design of various things.

Survey: 45 Percent Of American Consumers Not Properly Educated On Credit Card Use

Jun 04, 2018 AM EDT A new survey reveals that most consumers are not educated on how to properly use credit cards and how this makes the situation worse for those with student loans and other debts.

Screening Resident Physicians Entering Training Misses Many At Risk For Sleep Impairment

Jun 04, 2018 AM EDT A new study reveals that those who enter medical residency with no sleep problems are at risk of deteriorating sleep quality and daytime alertness.

Amgen Foundation And Harvard Team Up To Offer Free Online Science Education Platform

May 31, 2018 AM EDT LabXchange Will Provide Virtual Lab Experiences Integrating Digital Instruction With Collaboration and Mentoring Opportunities

LendingTree Study: Which Places Have the Most Student Debt?

May 31, 2018 AM EDT LendingTree outs its study that identifies places in the United States with the most student debt. Here's the complete list.

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