Fat people do not lose weight due to fat stores in the body

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A new study suggests that the fat stores in the bodies of fat people release a special protein that inhibits fat loss, making it difficult for fat people to lose weight, i4u reports.

A team of experts has found that a certain protein found in the body (sLR11) of fat people suppresses the calorie burning process. 

The study was conducted on lab mice.

The study found that the mice that didn't have a means of producing this unique protein on a genetic level were less likely to be overweight. Also, the mice that lacked the gene needed for manufacturing the protein lost weight quickly.

The researchers concluded that sLR11 plays a vital role in the resistance to weight loss. The authors suggest that sLR11 helps fat cells resist burning too much fat during 'spikes' in other metabolic signals, which in turn makes adipose tissue more effective at storing energy over long periods of time.

According to Science Daily, Dr Andrew Whittle, joint first author, said: "Our discovery may help explain why overweight individuals find it incredibly hard to lose weight. Their stored fat is actively fighting against their efforts to burn it off at the molecular level."

Professor Toni Vidal-Puig, who led the team, added: "We have found an important mechanism that could be targeted not just to help increase people's ability to burn fat, but also help people with conditions where saving energy is important such as anorexia nervosa."

The study can play an important role in the treatment of diabetes, obesity and heart disease are at stake here.

Even though the study was performed on mice, researchers feel that this information can lead to further research that can lead to the creation of drugs in the future that target this protein.

The study was published in the journal Nature Communication.

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