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Samsung Galaxy S8’s Highly Efficient Processor Confirmed; Dual Camera Setup Not Happening [VIDEO]

Mar 07, 2017 AM EST There's a huge possibility that the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge will come with a rear-facing dual camera setup. The company's Exynos 9 chipset will reportedly be responsible for the cameras.

Android 7.1.1 Nougat’s 11 Crucial Security Patches For Nexus, Pixel; More Samsung Galaxys Updated To Android 7.0

Mar 07, 2017 AM EST More Samsung and LG phones are receiving Android 7.0 Nougat. Nexus and Pixel phones, meanwhile, will receive crucial security patches brought by Android 7.1.1 Nougat.

iMac 2017 Can’t Support Virtual Reality Gaming; Design Inferior To Microsoft Surface Studio, Dell, HP

Mar 07, 2017 AM EST It seems that Apple is losing to Microsoft, Dell and HP's desktop computers -- at least in terms of their iMac's design. The upcoming iMac will not be able to support virtual reality gaming.

Cheap Google Phone Sans Pixel Brand Confirmed; Surprising High-End Feature Graces New Android One Device

Mar 06, 2017 AM EST Google is reportedly planning to introduce a cheap phone without the Pixel brand attached to it. The latest Android One phone, the GM6, comes with a feature that's usually seen in high-end ...

‘Pokémon Sun’ And ‘Moon’ Tips For Getting Shiny Tapu Koko, Mega Stones For Mawilite & Beedrillite

Mar 06, 2017 AM EST A limited number of players will get the distribution code of Mega Stones for Mawilite and Beedrillite this week. Players in Japan, meanwhile, will get a Shiny Tapu Koko distribution event soon.

‘Legend Of Zelda’ Tips For No Fuss Master Sword Extraction; Avoid This Action To Save Stamina

Mar 06, 2017 AM EST The Master Sword cannot be extracted from its stone easily. You must possess a certain level of strength and health to pull it.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Is ALL Screen; Bezels Completely Removed Thanks To In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

Mar 06, 2017 AM EST The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 has a bezel-less screen and button-less front part. The device's in-display fingerprint sensor also removes the need for bezels, making its screen wider and more immersive.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Phone Burns Woman’s Boobs: Cheaper S7, Free Accessories Offered By Best Buy, Amazon

Mar 06, 2017 AM EST A 31-year-old mom in the United Kingdom, got a "hot and seeping" wound from the phone. She described the injury as "a line of disgusting green puss," adding that the placement of the wound can be ...

Topline Nintendo Switch Accessories: Boost Your Gameplay By Spending As Low As $13

Mar 04, 2017 PM EST Here are the best add-ons and accessories for the console that will make your gaming experience twice the fun. Some add-ons cost as cheap as $13, while others retail at $70.

Killer Sony Xperia XZ Premium Challenges LG G6’s Immersive Screen, Takes Photos On Its Own

Mar 04, 2017 PM EST The smartphone’s 4K HDR display is probably its biggest feature that aims to take on LG G6’s immersive screen. The extremely high-resolution, 4K HDR display is similar to what was seen in Sony’s ...

'Halo Wars 2' Huge Patch Sidesteps Balance Changes; Game's Shallow Narrative Criticized

Mar 04, 2017 PM EST The latest patch will fix several bugs, though there's bad news waiting for those wishing for balance changes. The game's plot is easy to comprehend, but it also serves as its downfall.

Alexa Can Tell Different Voices Apart, Make Phone Calls; Students Can Teach The AI New Tricks

Mar 04, 2017 PM EST A useful tool was recently added to Alexa -- the ability to make phone calls. Amazon's Echo line of speakers will soon have advanced voice-recognition skills, making it capable of distinguishing ...

Google Pixel 2 Guarantees High Price, Superb Low Light Photography; How Apple, Samsung Will Beat It

Mar 04, 2017 PM EST Google is facing huge expectations for the Pixel 2's design. The company's biggest rivals, Apple and Samsung, are reportedly working on edge-to-edge displays for their upcoming smartphones, but there ...

Google Assistant’s Deeper iOS Integration; Instructions On Proper Installation Via APK

Mar 04, 2017 PM EST Google Assistant may be deeply integrated into Apple's iOS devices in the near future. Android owners need to have the latest version of Google Play services (APK v. 10.2.98 or higher) to get the ...

Spotify Ups The Ante With Extremely High Quality Songs: Apple Music, Tidal Hurting

Mar 04, 2017 PM EST Spotify and Apple's relationship continues to grow sour as they roll out new features to attract and keep their subscribers. Spotify is launching a Hi-Fi music experience that will deliver extremely ...

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