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Microsoft Surface Phone With Windows 10 Redstone 3 Launches In Late 2017; OEMs Expected To Access 6-inch Surface Phone Variant [VIDEO]

May 02, 2017 AM EDT Microsoft Surface Phone with Windows 10 Redstone 3 might launch in late 2017. Microsoft can still save the falling Windows 10 Mobile business by launching the Surface Phone.

‘Pokémon Go’ Latest News & Update: Guide To Catch And Hatch Pokémon Eggs; ‘Pokemon Go’ Summer Update [VIDEO]

May 02, 2017 AM EDT “Pokémon Go” players can get Pokémon eggs by dropping by a PokéStop. On the other hand, “Pokémon Go” fans are gearing up for the big summer launch the video game company had planned.

PlayStation 5 Release Date, News: While Xbox Project Scorpio Is In The Works, Sony Might Release PS5 Sooner Than Expected [VIDEO]

May 02, 2017 AM EDT Sony might unleash the PlayStation 5 sooner than anticipated. In spite of that, there is no information yet regarding the specs of Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5.

NASA’s Pluto Mission: Scientists Are Working On A Second Mission To Pluto [VIDEO]

May 01, 2017 AM EDT NASA researcher Alan Stern made it known that he and other scientists are working on a second mission to Pluto. The mission is to answer some of the questions that the New Horizons spacecraft had ...

Child Vaccine: Children Still Need Vaccination For Diseases That Never Been Seen Before [VIDEO]

May 01, 2017 AM EDT Vaccines are safe for children. Vaccination has saved millions of lives over the past 100 years.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 News: Microsoft Pressured Launching Surface Pro 5 Due To 26 Percent Drop In Surface Lineup Revenue [VIDEO]

May 01, 2017 AM EDT Due to the sales of Microsoft on Surface products were down since 2016, tech fans and experts believe that it is now time to roll out the Microsoft Surface Pro 5. The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 could be ...

iPad Pro 2 Update: iPad Pro 2 In WWDC Event Will Be An Absolute Killer In Terms Of Overall Specs [VIDEO]

May 01, 2017 AM EDT The iPad Pro 2 is expected to roll out at the WWDC 2017 event. The upcoming iPad Pro 2 will be equipped with cutting-edge specs.

MacBook Pro 2017 News: Apple Would Not Implement Massive Changes On MacBook Pro 2017 [VIDEO]

May 01, 2017 AM EDT Apple would not implement a massive changes on the upcoming MacBook Pro 2017. Apple’s MacBook Pro 2017 is likely to launch in October.

NASA's Dawn Spacecraft That Orbits Ceres Has Encountered A Technical Glitch, Mission Was To Study Mysterious Occator Crater [VIDEO]

Apr 29, 2017 AM EDT NASA’s Dawn spacecraft has encountered a technical glitch. The Dawn spacecraft was to study the mysterious Occator crater on Ceres.

NASA Alarmed Not Having Enough Space Suits For International Space Station; NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft Has Been So Close To Saturn [VIDEO]

Apr 29, 2017 AM EDT NASA is alarmed knowing that astronauts working at the International Space Station seems to be running out of space suits. Meanwhile, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft collected photos of Saturn’s ...

Xiaomi Mi 6 Ceramic Variant A Factor For Better Sales; Mi 6 Smartphones Sold Out Seconds After Flash Sale Started [VIDEO]

Apr 29, 2017 AM EDT Xiaomi is reportedly gearing up for a Xiaomi Mi 6 Ceramic variant. Meanwhile, the Xiaomi Mi 6 Android smartphones that were available sold out seconds after the sale.

‘Pokemon Go’ Update: Legendary Pokemon Event Sooner Than Expected; ‘Pokemon Go’ Players Hatched One Of Gen 2 Pokemons [VIDEO]

Apr 29, 2017 AM EDT Niantic will launch the “Pokemon Go” Legendary Event soon. Meanwhile, several “Pokemon Go” players have been reporting that they hatched one of the Gen 2 Pokemons.

Acer's New, Ultra-Thin Predator Triton 700 Gaming Laptop Boasts Some Relatively High-End Specs That Can Run Latest Games [VIDEO]

Apr 29, 2017 AM EDT Acer will launch an ultra-thin gaming laptop, dubbed as Predator Triton 700. The Acer Predator Triton 700 comes along with some relatively high-end specs that can run the latest games.

‘Pokemon Go’ News: More PokeStops as Niantic Re-Opens New Portal Request; Gen 2 Pokemon Update; ‘Pokémon Go’ Android Device Issues [VIDEO]

Apr 28, 2017 AM EDT “Pokémon Go” will have more PokeStops as Niantic Labs will re-open their new portal request. Meanwhile, a new “Pokémon Go” update is causing some issues for some select Android devices.

AMD Ryzen 5 News: AMD’s Ryzen 5 1600X Went Through Toughest Situations But Managed To Clock As High As 5.9GHz [VIDEO]

Apr 28, 2017 AM EDT AMD’s latest Ryzen 5 1600X processor managed to clock as high as 5.9GHz despite in a tough situation. Several tech experts prefer AMD's Ryzen 5 over Ryzen 7.

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