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There is a Possibility that You'll Lose Your Job over Unpaid Student Loan

Oct 07, 2019 AM EDT What could happen if you fall behind your student loan payments? Today, it is possible to lose your professional license and your job because of it. Although there are state laws being passed to ...

5 Ways to Identify a Loan Scam

Oct 05, 2019 PM EDT As borrowers, it is our responsibility to check if we're borrowing money from a reputable lender or loaning company. It is very important, even as a student, to know the basic warning signs of a loan ...

7 Ways to Get the Best Personal Loan Rates

Sep 23, 2019 PM EDT If your goal is to secure a personal loan, then there is nothing more important to you than getting a low rate. After all, nobody likes to take loans that come with hefty fees and rates.

Credit 101 – An Introduction to Credit

Aug 27, 2019 AM EDT The modern economy runs increasingly on credit. A good credit score can open many doors to people, especially young people, who are looking to enter the middle class. Good credit is seen as a sign ...

Do Not Fall Into the CC Debt Trap

Aug 27, 2019 AM EDT Personal finance can become rather tough, regardless of what phase in life one is currently in. As a result, many individuals look to credit cards as the solution for their financial problems. The ...

Adulting 101: Accounting Programs to Help With Accountability

Aug 27, 2019 AM EDT Becoming an adult brings about many different challenges. One of the greatest in transitioning from being a dependent young person into becoming an independent adult is undoubtedly taking care one's ...

4 Tips On How To Make Your Budget Last Longer As A College Student

Sep 09, 2019 PM EDT Some of us, as college students, have to work while we study, whereas others get a monthly allowance. Fortunately, how we go about getting the money shouldn’t matter all that much. What matters is ...

3 Ways to Secure Funding for a New Business

Aug 15, 2019 PM EDT We've all felt like a cog in the machine before. Working a nine to five job, Monday to Friday, where we work for peanuts, while our bosses profit from our hard work. Rather than continuing to pad ...

How to Appeal Your Property Tax Assessment to Save Money

Jun 29, 2019 AM EDT Most homeowners never think to question the mortgage escrow notice they receive each year. They pay their property tax without giving it a second thought. Each year, millions of homeowners miss the ...

How Does Divorce Affect Your Pension?

Jun 29, 2019 AM EDT Divorce can be an emotional rollercoaster, but it can also have a long-lasting impact on your financial status. In addition to the common assets you accumulated during your marriage, your pension may ...

Survey: 45 Percent Of American Consumers Not Properly Educated On Credit Card Use

Jun 04, 2018 AM EDT A new survey reveals that most consumers are not educated on how to properly use credit cards and how this makes the situation worse for those with student loans and other debts.

LendingTree Study: Which Places Have the Most Student Debt?

May 31, 2018 AM EDT LendingTree outs its study that identifies places in the United States with the most student debt. Here's the complete list.

Student Loans In Focus: How Much Do Students Really Borrow To Attend The Top 10 Schools [VIDEO]

Jun 26, 2017 AM EDT For most students, going into the Top 10 schools is a dream come true. But is the expense in studying in these schools worth it?

Student Debts: The 4 Debt Traps Students Should Avoid In Making A College Loan [VIDEO]

Jun 26, 2017 AM EDT Here's how to efficiently pay your student loans.

Student Loan Facts: Just How Much Students Borrow To Attend The Top 10 Schools [VIDEO]

Jun 26, 2017 AM EDT Is it really worth it to go to these top schools in the United States?

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