Bluffton University Set to Merge with University of Findlay, Pending Regulatory Approval


Bluffton University and the University of Findlay, two distinguished private Christian institutions in Ohio, have unveiled plans for a merger slated to be finalized by fall 2025. The merger is contingent upon receiving regulatory approval from state agencies and their shared accreditor, the Higher Learning Commission.

Bluffton University Set to Merge with University of Findlay, Pending Regulatory Approval

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Background and Motivation

Founded in the 19th century, both Bluffton University and the University of Findlay have rich histories of providing quality education rooted in Christian values. However, recent financial challenges and shifting enrollment patterns have prompted discussions about the feasibility of a merger.

Bluffton University has experienced a notable decline in student enrollment over the past decade, with figures plummeting from 1,198 in fall 2012 to 745 in fall 2022, based on federal data. Meanwhile, the University of Findlay, which has historically maintained relatively stable enrollment numbers, has seen a sudden decrease in student population.

In response to these challenges, university leadership has recognized the need for strategic collaboration to ensure the long-term viability and sustainability of both institutions. By joining forces, Bluffton and Findlay aim to leverage their collective resources, expertise, and strengths to navigate the evolving landscape of higher education more effectively.

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Merger Details and Impact

The decision to pursue a merger was unanimously approved by the trustee boards of both universities in February. Subsequently, a memorandum of understanding was formalized to outline the key components of the merger process.

As part of the merger agreement, the University of Findlay will maintain operations at both campuses, preserving the distinct traditions and identities of each institution. While specific details regarding potential staffing changes have not been disclosed, both colleges have committed to maintaining transparency and open communication throughout the transition period.

The merger will also impact the athletics programs at both universities, with teams remaining in their respective NCAA divisions, subject to approval from the association. Additionally, discussions regarding post-merger branding, including the potential utilization of Bluffton's name, are currently underway.

Despite the merger, both institutions remain steadfast in their commitment to upholding their founding denominational affiliations — the Churches of God for the University of Findlay and Mennonite for Bluffton. This commitment underscores the continued importance of religious identity and values within the merged entity.

The decision to merge Bluffton University and the University of Findlay represents a proactive response to the challenges facing higher education today. By uniting their resources and expertise, the universities seek to enhance academic offerings, student support services, and overall institutional effectiveness.

As the merger progresses, Bluffton University and the University of Findlay remain dedicated to their shared mission of providing exceptional educational experiences grounded in Christian principles. Through collaborative efforts and strategic planning, the merged institution aims to emerge as a leader in higher education, poised for continued growth and impact in the years ahead.

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