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The Flat-Earth Conspiracy is Spreading Around the Globe. Does it Hide a Darker Core?


The flat-Earth conspiracy is spreading around the globe. Does it hide a darker core?
The flat-Earth conspiracy is spreading around the globe. Does it hide a darker core?
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The historical researches proved that the Earth is not flat. In fact, it has its own moon.

David Weiss says that he don't want to be a flat Earther. His voice is exhausted ad he reflects on his personal awakening.  He asked, "Would you wake up in the morning and want everyone to think you are such an idiot?"

David Weiss is a flat Earther. When he tried and failed to find evidence that the Earth is sphere four years ago, he has believed that our planet is not revolving and flat.

David Weiss said that he was also in shock. It will literally whip the rug out from underneath you.

Today, Weiss finds it dull to associate with the majority of people. But unluckily he still has some friends who believe in a spherical Earth. Weiss said that he has nothing to do with somebody that believes we live on a round planet but it is not something that he considers. Weiss' would give more value to a community that practices the same belief as his.

Well, if everyone is not aware, that community has a large number.

This week, the businessman and other 600 participant attended the third annual Flat Earth International Conference, held in suburban Dallas, Texas at an Embassy Suites hotel.  

Recent conferences occurred in place at Raleigh and Denver. Brazil, Britain and Italy also held flat-Earth conventions in the previous years.

The event's agenda and timeline is just like any other corporate conference, with some objectively obvious twists. Speakers discussed about presentations including "Space is Fake" and "Testing The Moon: A Globe Lie Perspective." Awards for the year's best flat Earth-related videos and other documentaries were handed out to the attendees. And believers took the opportunity to meet several of the movement's most influential and powerful minds.

Weiss believed that even though his co-believers has all been communicating online, the peculiar event brings them together that they can get the chance to shake hands and give each other hugs.  Making new friends and new collaboration also happened during that day.

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On that specific day, the Earth can be imagined like what you see in an airplane window. But what makes the event significant and remarkable are the participants who attended. In fact, it was just a small portion from thousands of believers around the world.

People in this movement have a strong faith that the Earth is flat. There is no definite study that counts how many of people living in the world are convinced that our planet is motionless. Actually, there are A-list Hollywood flat Earthers and commercial airline pilots also believe it that way.

The flat Earth model has been known ever since the ancient times. Many prehistoric cultures patronize this figure including Greece during that time. While many people still believe, many think that this issue is none sense and not worth their time.

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