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Humanity Warned To Move Out Of Earth In 100 Years: Stephen Hawking [VIDEO]


The great physicist Stephen Hawking has warned everyone that they should leave planet Earth within the next century. He intends them to become a multi-planetary species in the future or else the worst outcome will happen to the human race: extinction.

Stephen Hawking Predicts Human Extinction

Hawking made a new prediction in a new documentary called "Expedition New Earth," which will be released this summer. He explained that the cause of humanity's extinction in the future will include climate change, overpopulation, epidemics, and even asteroid strikes, Newsweek reported.

Stephen Hawking's Program Talks About New Technologies

The physicist will talk about the latest advances in astronomy, biology, and rocket technology in his program on BBC. These technologies he will be talking about in his program are all related to the methods of making it possible to live on Mars like plasma rockets, human hibernation, and many more, USA Today reported.

Hawking has recruited the engineering expert professor Danielle George, and his own former student Christophe Galfard. They will be discussing about how humans can reach for the stars and move to different planets.

Stephen Hawking Warned Humanity Repeatedly

Hawking has suggested time and time again that humanity should colonize the moon and Mars in the near future as a type of insurance policy. This is to insure that if something drastic happens to Earth, humanity could survive on another planet right away. He explained that the moon could be used as the base for travel to the rest of the solar system, while Mars would be the next target.

Creating a human colony on the planet Mars is already in the works with the help of billionaire Elon Musk. He is planning to make a settlement within the next few decades through his aerospace firm SpaceX. He said that he does not have a doomsday prophecy, but history suggests that there will be a doomsday event happening in the future.

Stephen Hawking Warns China Against AI Use

In other Stephen Hawking related news, the physicist also warned China about the use of AI in a conference recently. He believes that there is no real difference between what could be achieved by the human brain, and what could be achieved by an AI. Humans will not be able to compete in the long run due to age, and AI would win because it will not decay, ZDNet reported.

Check out Stephen Hawking: A Personal Journey Biography Documentary video below:

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