How to Save More Money: An Effective Guide for College Students


How to Save More Money: An effective Guide for College Student
How to Save More Money: An effective Guide for College Student
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As a college student, it is so hard to save more money because there are many things you need to settle using the last cents inside your wallet.

Here are the best things you can do in order to have a lot of extra pennies in your bank account:

Never get a credit card unless you absolutely need one. Don't be gullible. Those guys asking you to the sign-up are not employed by banks to help you. They are hired to make money.

Avoid luxurious debt. It might seem like a good idea to put that Xbox or latest version of iPhone on a credit card, but it's not. Focus on developing good money skills using cash. Think about credit later.

Save now spend later is a real thing. If you really want that new iPhone, then save for it. Wait, wait and wait until you can pay in cash.

Pay your dues on time on a regular basis. Most of the people usually lose track of their activities. If you pay your bills as soon as they arrive, you won't have to worry about forgetting them.

Keep track on your spending habits. Use a simple notebook, or use excel file to monitor your monetary transactions. Never spend greater than you credit limit. This practice also allows you to detect patterns of your expenses, especially the recurring ones. This can help you save more money slowly but surely.

Make a budget. It doesn't have to be costly and complicated. At the start of the month, estimate how much money you will have and decide wisely where every does every cent needs to go. Remember that you don't need to spend it all for a certain period.

Look for used textbooks. You're just going to sell them back at the end of the term so it's better to buy pre-loved books from your colleagues.

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You can survive without your own car. A car itself is already expensive: gas, maintenance, insurance, registration, and parking. Stick close to campus and use mass transit. Find someone you know who offers carpool.

Don't hang out with big spenders. Avoid going out with people who spends a lot of money in just a day. It is very tempting to join their habits and that can cause you more unnecessary expenditures.

Take advantage of campus activities. Make the most out of the available resources to save more money. There are lots of awesome things you can do. Watch free movie festivals. Support the sports teams. Attend lecture series. Students are as privileged as the senior citizens most of the time. So live the moment!

Stay active. Healthy body maintenance has lower cost than an unhealthy body. Walking around the campus is such an awesome daily routine you can do to keep your body stronger.

Eat healthy. It's possible to eat well on a small budget if you know what you're doing. This will boost your physical aspects and will keep you away from sickness.

But above all, spending less than you earn is the key to saving extra pennies. Look for cheaper alternatives and find better deals. 

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