Living With a Disability: 5 Tips For Managing Your Finances


Living With a Disability: 5 Tips For Managing Your Finances

Photo : Living With a Disability: 5 Tips For Managing Your Finances

Many people struggle to manage their finances when on a limited budget. For those living with a disability and unable to work, managing your money becomes even more daunting.

But there are ways to save money and resources for those struggling to get by. Discover various assistance programs and learn how to spend wisely with these five tips.

Apply for Additional Benefits

If you're having a hard time financially while living on disability, consider looking into assistance programs. You may qualify for additional benefits such as medical assistance.

See if there are income limitations and find out if you qualify. It may take some time to process your application, so apply as early as possible.

Look into Other Sources of Income

If your disability benefits are not enough, you might want to look into other sources of income. Try working from home if you're able.

There are many tasks you can do from your own home to earn money. List items for sale online, pet sit, consider tutoring or market your skills.

Make sure you understand the rules for working while receiving disability benefits. There may be a limit to what you can earn while still receiving benefits.

Apply for a Loan

If you believe your financial difficulties are short-term, you can always apply for a loan.

If you're living on social security disability alone, you likely already understand the financial difficulties. Many individuals have to rely on credit cards or loans to help them pay for basic necessities.

Those trying to support a family face extra expenses such as schooling and meal plans.

If you're struggling, there's no shame in applying for disability loans.

Consider Housing Programs

Housing costs are on the rise leaving many people struggling to pay for housing. Both in the United States and Canada housing prices have skyrocketed in the last ten years.

It can be even more difficult to pay for rising housing costs when you're relying on disability benefits. Thankfully, there are housing options for people struggling to get by.

Look for income-based apartments, subsidized rentals, or Affordable Housing programs. If you qualify, the rent you pay may depend on your income.

Keep in mind that the waiting lists for these properties are often very long so apply early.

Look for Weekly Specials at the Grocery Store

Depending on where you live, eating out can be expensive. If you have a disability and you need to watch your budget, skip dining out.

Make your meals at home to save more money. Look for weekly specials at your local grocery store and clip coupons to save even more. Many grocery stores even have apps you can download on your phone to save your coupons.

Saving Money While Living with a Disability

Managing your finances while living with a disability can be tough, but it isn't impossible.

There are many assistance programs out there designed to provide help. There are also ways you can budget to save even more. Use these tips to save money and start spending wisely.

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