Mark Zuckerberg Speaks At Harvard University: Says Finding One's Purpose Is Not Enough [VIDEO]


Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook co-founder and CEO, has finally delivered the highly anticipated Harvard commencement speech. Twelve years after he dropped out of the University to build focus on Facebook, the young billionaire got his (honorary) degree.

According to The Telegraph, Mark Zuckerberg "barely" mentioned Facebook itself. Instead, he explained how he sees the world and how he thinks the youth should address the future. For one, the billionaire said that finding one's purpose is not enough.

Foremost, Mark Zuckerberg said that purpose is a feeling of belongingness. It makes someone realize that he or she is "part of something". Having the feeling of being needed makes people know that something better awaits. Thus, purpose "creates true happiness".

Now, if finding one's own purpose is not enough, then what is it that Zuckerberg wants from the Harvard University graduate? Per Harvard Gazette, he wants the youth to create a world wherein "everyone", not just a few, has a sense of purpose. Zuckerberg outlined three ways on how to achieve that goal.

First, he stressed that bigger projects are needed. The world, according to him, needs more thinkers and doers who can get lots of people involved. Simply put, Zuckerberg wants innovators to provide more jobs to the community.

Secondly, the Facebook CEO urged for equal opportunities. He explained that when more people can "turn their dreams" into something great, "we are all better for it." This could be done through donations of money and time to let others have the means to start their own companies.

Last but not the least, Zuckerberg's third path to purpose involves a concept he is familiar with: community building. He noted that progress now requires "coming together", not just as cities or nations, but as a "global community". Zuckerberg also made a bold claim saying that this generation could be the one to end poverty, climate change, and diseases if only people work together.

On the other hand, Zuckerberg mentioned about the increasing automation of the world that results in the loss of jobs. This is one reason why people feel disconnected and depressed, he said. This generation definitely needs to fill a "void" in each other's' lives.

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